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    must have MOAR power!!!

    id like to build something in the 5 watt range i hit 2 watt with a C6 host id like a new challenge ( turned out violet that annoyed me a little .. but it was cool i guess ) prefer blue .. theres 2 nm's .. i forget which one is better . maybe a better host if you guys have ideas? the c6...
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    iso of ideas on repairing or modifying my old laser

    the button is on the end of the laser .. but thats not the problem . the problem is .. the threads on the end of it to screw the cap on for the batterys in only like 2 threads .. and it no longer holds the cap on i have to hold it on .. which is really really annoying. anyone had any luck in...
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    besy way to record lasers?

    my stupid "Smart" phone .. cant catch my 300 mw green or my 1 watt blue .. i have no idea why . what do you guys prefer to record them ?
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    safety concerns . and a few focusing questions.

    #1 concern ... SAFETY. now i understand that the dot is dangerous and focusing it without eye protection is stupid . but if i take it outside ( i live in the country ) and do some field shining is there a risk there? i have ordered eye protection however .. my laser parts arrived first . i...
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    2nd build ever .. and i have failed.

    C6 host m140 diode 1.8 driver brand new rcr123a batterys. im fairly confident i have everything together right . i soldered the the driver to the brass ring ( copper whatever it is ) hooked the wires together on the diode click click .. nothing. iso way to deduce what i did wrong ...