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  1. J

    WTB: Blu-Ray or "iLaze"

    Ok, so I've always loved lasers. They've always fascinated me. I've been wanting for a long time to get a high powered laser. First it was wanting a red one strong enough to have a visible beam. Then I wanted a green one because they are so much more visible. Then I say blu-ray lasers and those...
  2. J

    iLaze - possible?

    This is going off my idea I posted here: http://www.laserpointerforums.com/forums/YaBB.pl?num=1197600658/14#14 of a All-In-One laser with a Green, Red, and Blu-Ray diode and a white LED. I’d want the center button to activate all at once (the control buttons would control individual...
  3. J

    My Dream Laser!

    Take this: http://www.rei.com/product/720259 Replace Red LED with Red laser diode, Green LED with Green laser diode, and Blue LED with Blue laser diode. All running on a single AA. I'm assuming it would be impossible. If not, please let me know because I would definetly pay someone to make one...
  4. J

    best way to add an IR filter?

    I am thinking of getting either the "90mW UltraFire WF-501B" (SKU:9311) or the "50mW Flashlight-Style 10-Meter Waterproof Diving Green Laser" (SKU:8923) but I don't think either have an IR filter - please correct me if I'm wrong. This will be my first high-powered laser, and from what I've...
  5. J

    Need help choosing a laser!

    Ok, well first of all, I'm a high school student working to pay for college, so I don't have a lot of money to spare. $200 is about the most I can spend on a laser. However, quality is most important...I don't want something that won't last. I want a laser for a bunch of things. #1 most...