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  1. Teslaflux

    Laser driver circuits

    I am newish to lasers and is certianly the case regarding driving them with circuits ,got limited supply of components ,and needing a restock ,but was wondering if anyone knows of any simple driver circuits using through hole components and some common ic's ,have no voltage regulators...
  2. Teslaflux

    What diode is the best

    Im pretty set on getting a 445nm laser,but as i understand it the diodes give off a rectangular beam resulting in a point that can be quite ,well... kind of rectangular dot ,obviously these can be compensated with beam expanders and other optics , but are there other diodes in the blue spectrum...
  3. Teslaflux

    Hey!! just become part of the community

    HEEEY Im AL and i m getting into this hobbie rather late,considering being an electronic tech ,looking forward to my first purchase which im hoping will be A jetlaser pl-e pro dead exited !!!-any opinions of this purchase welcome (Jetlaser pl-e pro 445nm 2watt) Looking to meet like minded...
  4. Teslaflux

    To blue or not to blue 445nm is the question

    Hey I have beeen spectating a while on these forums and thought it was time to take the plunge and and join up , im still getting the hang of the forum so apoligies in advance if this not in the right place ,if this is a problem directions would be sweet !!!! ANYWAY the question ,i have wanted...