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    Power supply for laser?

    I have a coherent vmb2.3-15L 10.5 mw 635 nm laser with no power source. Does anyone know a power supply or battery that would work for this? The closest thing on their site I could find was a vmb2.3-4L https://edge.coherent.com/assets/pdf/COHR_VLM_DS_1117_2.pdf
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    Introducing myself.

    Hi I am David. I am a construction electrician. I am familiar with 120v and higher. Some of this small stuff is new to me. During the apprenticeship we did have a semester on solid state electronics where I learned a little. I am interested in some projects where I will be conducting some...
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    michelson morley interferometer project help

    My goal is to build a michelson morley interferometer to demonstrate destructive interference where the detector is black. I have seen many videos where they show rings. I would like it to go all dark or close to it. A good demonstration is this youtube video. I have a laser table with...