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    Wicked Lasers GIANT price drops!?

    I ordered a Spyder III two months ago, it was set as pending because they were out of stock, so they were going to send me a free Evolution Pro for all the time they made me wait but they cancelled the order because the payment expired, this actually gives me a chance to buy another laser, but...
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    Help ball mill power source

    Yes, I forgot that you need to ground the green wire to turn the supply on (the most important detail, silly me), however, isn't the brown wire the 'Power OK' one? As far as I know, the supply will not work unless that terminal is set to a logic high, so to make it work you simply need to...
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    Help ball mill power source

    The yellow wires are from the 12V line on the PSU, which is usually the one that can supply more current, you might need to solder the brown (sense) wires to the orange (3.3V) from the PSU to make it work.
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    Merging with spectra forum

    This site isn't gonna change at all, the only bad thing about this merge would be that now I will be posting on here instead. ::)
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    IR lasers and TV's

    TVs use a photodiode that only reacts at a certain wavelength (I think 980nm), the RC sends data in binary form, I can't remember what each blink meant but you could research if you're serious about this. EDIT: And I remember some tiny devices that mimic the RC signals and re-emits them, this...
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    wanted... pics or vids of 473 and 405 together

    You can build your own for less than $50.
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    Free Wicked Core?

    And it seemed like if they sent their defective Cores to us anyway, three people I know got free Cores and they were defective, including mine (hops modes).
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    hello everyone.

    Hey bobobob121, Yeah, I just got banned from "there" as well. Nova all the way, remember that you can use the matrix5 or warp5 discount code for a 5% discount on their products.
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    gotta love Wicked's awesome product quality

    I've opened most of the WL models and they all have a weird cylinder inside the case, the one in the Pulsar it's probably made of plastic, it's purpose is to prevent the laser module from being pushed down. The pen-sized CNIs have this cylinder too. Or maybe you're talking about the brass...
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    Oh yeah, my mistake, it's orthovanadate, and yeah, the only thing I knew about the Nd:YVO4 is that it lases at 1064nm on green lasers and 1342nm/1064nm on yellow lasers.
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    Nd:YVO4: Neodymium doped Yttrium Ortovanadate - Halves frequency from 808nm to 1064nm. KTP: Potassium Titanyl Phosphate - Doubles frequency from 1064 to 532nm. IR filter - Blocks the residual 808nm and 1064nm. Oh, by the way, NewWish lasers do have IR filters, but they still leak a large...
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    Do you blog?

    No I don't, I have a MySpace account, but that's because someone requested it, my YouTube account is the closest to what I could call a blog.
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    Techlasers any good?

    The lasers from TechLasers may be good and cheap, but their customer support seems to be non-existent, so if you receive a faulty laser from them, you're screwed. NOVAlasers always ships out lasers that are overpowered, and it must be next to impossible to receive a defective laser from them...
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    Hehehe, I can't believe that I'm considered a "kiddo". ;D
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    I'm just an immature 15 years-old brat... 1992 FTW. :P
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    popping helium balloons?

    Um... I don't see how that affects the final result. The video was made with a Wicked Lasers Phoenix, but that video isn't from Wicked Lasers, it's from an user who simply registered an account with the name "wickedlasers".
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    Custom Warning labels

    I made a bunch of warning stickers in Photoshop a long time ago, I wanted to have them printed but the minimum amount of stickers that I would have had to print were 1,000. EDIT: The warning sticker of this 3D model I made uses one of my custom warning stickers:
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    TechLasers - My opinion so far

    Yeah, me too, it really makes me lose my interest in lasers. I still have some very good reasons why not to get banned from the LC, so I'll do my best to not to get banned.
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    Well, it's a bit mistranslated, but what would you expect from an automatized translator? It's very funny to translate something to Chinese, then translate it back to English, you get some funny mangrish, such as this: "Good, she loves certain Mexicans' any person, or even more exactly...
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    Who has the most free laser stuff??

    Geez, I've obtained this stuff for free: - Pulsar 100mW - Classic 15mW - Core 5mW - Phoenix 75mW - Core 5mW (another one) - 2 Dragon cases. - 2 right angle prisms. - Cylindrical lens (lord lens). - DCX lens - DCV lens. - 2 Red LaserShades - Blue SE goggles. - Blu-Ray case (traded) ... All with...