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  1. lasersbee

    Politics and General Debates Thread

    Not sure... I think one is awful to hear and look at and the other is awful to smell..... ;) Jerry
  2. lasersbee

    Hi from the UK:

    Welcome to the Forum TheD... Enjoy your stay and stay Laser Safe. Jerry
  3. lasersbee

    Still Here

    Good to hear from you... The most important thing is to stay safe and healthy during these times. It will eventually get better after a viable vaccine is found. :) Jerry
  4. lasersbee

    F#CK Windows 10

    I still can't stand the layout of Win 10. Have it on one computer only for testing Comms with our EagleEye Data Logging software. For every day use I use Win 7 that is being phased out. Linux may be my next step. Jerry
  5. lasersbee

    Hello from Colorado

    Welcome to the Forum.. Jim You should show us some of your Lasers. Enjoy the Forum and stay Laser Safe. Jerry
  6. lasersbee

    Politics and General Debates Thread

    I thought in Finnish it meant "Smelly Fish"... I may be wrong...:ROFLMAO: Jerry
  7. lasersbee

    Using 638nm and 520nm to make a yellow combined laser

    If you are looking for some PHR Sleds... contact me through our website in my Sig. I may have some left. Jerry
  8. lasersbee

    Politics and General Debates Thread

    You sound like CNN Paul.... Just pushing your own narrative.. Over and over and over again... Yeah we get it you are voting Democrat so the old senile guy losing his memory gets elected. Biden still looks like Jeff Dunham's Dummy Walter... It's just sad that Walter is quicker on the draw and...
  9. lasersbee


    Just a follow up.... In Post #695 I linked to a UVC LED that I bought a few of. Yesterday I powered one up at a constant current of 24mA. I checked the power output by placing it near my 818T10 thermopile head LPM so that most of it's output hit the 3/4" dia. sensor ( about 1/2" away ). It...
  10. lasersbee

    TRUE <5mw lasers?

    If you had a calibrated LPM you could test the "low powered" lasers for safety. You could also then add Attenuating Filters to bring the power down to a safe level if reducing the drive current is not easily done. OR Go with Encap.... ^^^^^ Jerry
  11. lasersbee

    Hi from England!

    Welcome to the Forum... Enjoy your stay and be Laser Safe. Jerry
  12. lasersbee

    Sale of : Scanners,DCDC converters, Beamanlyzers, Spectrometers, etc...

    Nothing wrong with the 1st Post URL... Jerry
  13. lasersbee


    You are absolutely correct. I bought that LED "UVC" 257nm quoted light before I did my homework and yes it is Fake. Hence the UVC Detector project I'm working on so that anyone can affordably test their Chinese "UVC" lights to know if they also got Ripped Off... BTW... I also bought some of...
  14. lasersbee

    what LPM is the real deal?

    Thanks for the heads up... Just had a look.. LPM without head.... about $300-$500 Heads (nit sure if they match the LPM you may choose.... about $300-$700. Has some other nice Laser related stuff as well. Jerry
  15. lasersbee


    Which "UV LED" Lamp are you refering to that I would still be using ?? BTW... Thanks for mentioning that not all UV/UVC claimed lights are true UVC lights that can disinfect. I did my homework before building the disinfection box. I have two 13 watt UVC tubes (not LEDs) in the box and a remote...
  16. lasersbee

    Software for Kenometer USB

    Yeah ... That's the problem with not being a long time company with Customer Support. Perhaps some member that still uses the software could send you a copy. Jerry
  17. lasersbee

    Hello Laserpointerforums

    Welcome to the Forum GilesMiles... You can't go wrong ordering anything from Lifeime17. Enjoy your stay and be Laser Safe. Jerry
  18. lasersbee


    Depends where it's coming from and if an infected person is the delivery chain has recently touched your package. I built a UVC Mail Disinfection box just for this possible scenario, I'm still sceptical if the decrease in cases is not largely due to the warmer weather killing off some of the...
  19. lasersbee

    Greetings from Texas and Qs!

    Welcome to the Forum moontower... It is actually not interesting that higher true power Lasers cost more. It is logical. Enjoy your stay and don't forget to get some Laser Safety Goggles/Glasses for the Laser you get. Jerry
  20. lasersbee

    (SOLVED) I... I'm Kinda Retarded

    I would contact the seller and ask him the part value or at least have him measure one. Jerry