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  1. Spoomples

    Custom power supply for DPSS head - Looking for advice

    I just barely got a 58-GHS-305-048 Melles Griot head off of eBay. I might have been a bit too hasty about getting one without its fancy control box, but I'll turn this into an opportunity for a project. I think I can manage it, but a little extra advice is always useful. I might turn this thread...
  2. Spoomples

    Best way to buy industrial-type lasers?

    If one wanted to buy a heavy duty laser for a decent price, like a multi-watt 532nm head for example, where are the best places to look? I know lurking on eBay until a cheap-ish one shows up is one method, but are there specific tricks or other websites (like surplus sites) that can speed up the...
  3. Spoomples

    BDR-209 burn out?

    A BDR-209 diode I recently ordered died after a few minutes of use. When I was troubleshooting the problem, I noticed that the copper module module could get notably hotter then the aluminum heatsink. I did not use the back end for the module due to space constraints, and I didn't use thermal...
  4. Spoomples

    REPLACEMENT TOOL: Relative Laser Brightness Calculator (Open Source Edition)

    rhd hasn't been seen in a while, and his laser calculator has been down as well, so I decided to cobble together a replacement for the community (and myself). I made this in a few hours as a personal project, so its fairly simplistic. Its open source and uses GitHub as a host, so it should be...
  5. Spoomples

    Laser beam brightness vs wavelength: Seeking personal experiences

    I've been using the relative laser brightness calculator to figure out how beams at different wavelengths compare, but I've started to have some doubts about its accuracy. It says that 100-200mw of 650-660nm red should equal 5mw of 532nm green (for me, the red is much dimmer), and that a 50mw...
  6. Spoomples

    Hello from the west

    I'm a hobbyist that has had a passing interest in lasers for several years. I've visited this website in the past, and gotten some good information out of it, but I never got around to making an account until now. I got interested in lasers the same way I image most do, picking up some standard...