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  1. Jim H

    Photographing Laser Pulse

    That being said, my avatar is a pulse from a YAG laser ionizing air at the focal point. It was a longer exposure, although not that long, but unfortunately I don't remember the other settings. I had to take several, and was actually surprised I caught a nanosecond pulse, although I don't know...
  2. Jim H

    Photographing Laser Pulse

    If you can set the speed, ISO and aperture, I think you need to set them for a very short and dark exposure to be able to see the beam as not completely washed out and overpowered by extraneous light, or at least the lowest ISO and smallest aperture you can for a longer exposure. And light...
  3. Jim H

    Which type of back end mirror for diode pumped Nd:YAG laser?

    Not an expert, but I think you would need a focused line along it's length, not just a point.
  4. Jim H

    New member

    Welcome! I bought a 2W 405, but still have to mount it to my printer. It's only been maybe 2 years? haha By the way, don't trust the goggles that come with any of them, buy some from a well known company
  5. Jim H

    Cheap deep UV laser

    Not knowing that much about nonlinear crystals, could you frequency double a 532nm, and then use the resulting 266 nm UV for the experiment?
  6. Jim H

    Which type of back end mirror for diode pumped Nd:YAG laser?

    You are missing your KTP in your diagram... No green without it
  7. Jim H

    Is it possible to hide certain threads from ever showing up?

    I just completely ignore the thread, don't plan on looking.
  8. Jim H

    Would this laser work?

    Probably won't get a lot of replies with such an immature name... and no, it won't work.
  9. Jim H

    Sept 11 to remember

    Me after 9/11
  10. Jim H

    DYE help

    Well, I still haven't had time to try my new dye out yet. I still need to clean out the old. Life, spelled with a w has gotten in the way, lol. But today I put the tiniest bit of dye in some isopropyl alcohol and put it in a small pyrex vial. It hardly has any discernible color, just the...
  11. Jim H

    Bad push button

    Well, I have had issues with this 200 mw 405nm off and on for a while. Usually it stuck on, sometimes it flickered, sometimes it wouldn't come on. It finally decided to stay off for good. I unscrewed the tube, and then proceeded to bang the open end of the battery compartment as hard as I could...
  12. Jim H

    How is the Navy's "super cheap" Laser Weapon Safe? (To crew, I mean)

    Most likely, the laser is one of these two, which can be run in CW or pulsed mode. The exothermic chain reaction between H2 and F2 to yield vibrationally excited HF is the basis for an efficient chemical laser requiring little input of electrical power. Continuous-wave output powers of 2.2 MW...
  13. Jim H

    How to test if UVC LED is working?

    I had a friend who worked construction, and he said after bleach, they used a borax solution, as it would help prevent it from returning.
  14. Jim H

    Home Made Nitrogen Laser and Dye Laser!

    Excellent builds and videos!(y)
  15. Jim H

    Post your random pics!

    Since it is 9/3, here is the 93rd photo on my computer
  16. Jim H

    China has put laser tech on the restricted exports list

    When I was looking at some the other week, the impression I got is saying the total power consumption would be the 20W, and the laser is only the 5.5W
  17. Jim H

    How to test if UVC LED is working?

    It should make a lot of things fluoresce, but you will also see the light as well. Might be less noticeable if you got a filter to block anything over the 390, as it probably produces some of that as well
  18. Jim H

    How to test if UVC LED is working?

    390 nm is UVA, not good at killing anything, especially being at the high end of the range. UVA is 315 nm-400 nm
  19. Jim H

    How to test if UVC LED is working?

    A true UVC would have no visible light coming from it, yet would make fluorescent materials glow. As said above, UVC's come nowhere close to 60 watts, not even 1 watt, and can cost in the thousands of dollars depending on wavelength and power, and many hundreds at the least.
  20. Jim H

    Dye Laser Comes to Life!

    :LOL:Explained a little