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  1. andrewb

    Returning member here

    Hey all! Returning member here. Been gone for about 3 years(!), but haven't forgotten the hobby. Decided to poke my head back in, as I do miss this place, and was curious how things have evolved. Not sure if any of the vets remember me (see pics of some of my vintage solid-copper builds...
  2. andrewb

    NDB7A75 w ball lens - $120 shipped on eBay

    445nm 450nm 3 5W 3500mW Blue Laser Diode LD to 5 ?9MM Nichia NDB7A75 w Ball | eBay I know some folks have started playing with extracting these from the new monolithic projector heatsinks, but it looks like Laserlands has them available loose (or already extracted). Seems like a decent price...
  3. andrewb

    Best 4-cell charger with integrated voltage monitor?

    Hi all, I know the topic of chargers has been discussed here before at length (and yes, I've done my searching/reading), but given that there are always new ones coming out, I figure it might be time to revamp the discussion. I'm looking to buy a 4-cell charger that has the integrated voltage...
  4. andrewb

    Review: Vintage all-copper Rayovac builds #3 and #4

    Hello all, This is my review of a third vintage build I've done, using a solid copper host from the 1930's made by the Rayovac company, and a copper heatsink made by Jeff K (aka Flaminpyro). This build is actually similar to my previous Rayovac build, but with a slightly different heatsink...
  5. andrewb

    8-diode 445 in a very cool host

    (Slightly misleading title, but technically correct.) :) Can be yours for only $286,000. Difficult to get into the US though: Laserbeam headlights? Not in the US | Ars Technica -Andy
  6. andrewb

    Price Drop: Ophir 20C LPM sensor, plus wiring harness. $265 + shipping.

    I have an Ophir-based LPM for sale. This is a brand-new Ophir 20C-A-1-Y head, plus custom-built wiring harness, made by me. All you need is two 9V batteries and any off the shelf voltmeter in order to complete the system, and be able to measure lasers up to 5W (or 20W, if the sensor is...
  7. andrewb

    SOLD: Vintage solid copper Rayovac 9mm 445 build, $295 + shipping

    Hello, I'm selling my solid copper vintage Rayovac build, which was previously reviewed here: http://laserpointerforums.com/f52/vintage-solid-copper-build-2-rayovac-86459.html This build was created by me, with help from Flaminpyro, who made the heatsink and focus adapter, both of which are...
  8. andrewb

    Price Drop: JDSU 10mW single-line argon, $195 + shipping

    Hi all, I have a JDSU 10mW single-line argon for sale. I bought the PSU and head separately, so they aren't a matched set, but they work fine together. The head is rated at 10mW, however it will put out just over 30mW at max current, measured with my Ophir LPM (not that you would want to...
  9. andrewb

    Vintage solid copper build #2 - the Rayovac

    Hello! Welcome to my review of a second vintage build I've put together, using a solid copper host from the 1930's made by the Rayovac company, and a copper heatsink made by Jeff K (aka Flaminpyro). This review follows my first vintage build review, of a host made by the Bond company, which...
  10. andrewb

    Review: Vintage all-copper Bond build #1 (pic heavy)

    Hello! Welcome to my review of a vintage build I just put together, using a solid copper host from the 1930's made by the Bond company, and a copper heatsink made by the one and only Jeff K (aka Flaminpyro). This build was a lot of fun, and I have a couple of other similar vintage hosts like...
  11. andrewb

    UPDATED: G9 vs. G2 vs. 3-Element vs. Acrylic - A study

    (25 Dec 2013 - Added new plots for ML101U29-25, S06J, PL450B, and ML501P73 diodes.) Hi all, (Note this is my first 'review' here, though I've been mostly a lurker for the past couple of years. Please be gentle.) ;) This weekend I was able to accomplish something I've wanted to do for a...