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  1. Tomos01

    Laser Builds! Pics Included - Nubm07 and Nubm44 x2

    Just got done with my third build and decided to post all three of them. The first is an Nubm07 w/G8 lens running on a blackbuck 8m set to 4a with the potentiometer installed also including the sanwu 3x expander. The heatsink was machined entirely by me along with the titanium potentiometer...
  2. Tomos01

    575nm OPT Laser Handheld Build

    I was lucky enough to get two of the 575nm OPT modules that were briefly available, one of which I killed :mad: and the second I was able to retrofit into a handheld unit :yh: its driven with a SXD-V3 set to 1.8a powered with two 16340 batteries. Unfortunately the color comes out green on in my...
  3. Tomos01

    New Member

    Hello, I've been on the forums for a while incognito, and figured it's time to make an account. I'm a mechanical engineer, and I like keeping busy with projects that allow me to build and use my hands. Hello All. Cheers! Tomos01