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  1. ArJuna

    Happy Birthday Hak

    Today is HakZaw1's birthday!!! Happy Birthday Hak! (Pssst..... tell him the fireworks tomorrow are for his birthday!)
  2. ArJuna

    Lasers in the Fog at midday

    My son and I were returning from camping today and we departed in a dense fog. At noon you could see even a 5mw 532nm laser easily in daylight. The blue laser is 1.275w.
  3. ArJuna

    Need Help Choosing First 532nm Beast.

    I just bough my son a LaserGlow Galileo-5 that arrived today. It seems like a fairly well made product, although it does seem to vary in power noticeably with little use (less than a minute) and occasionally flicker on and off. It may be defective and I have already reported it to LaserGlow. I...