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  1. Chinesan

    Li-Ion Rechargeable cells - charged by small solar panel *Solution needed*

    Hey, I bought lately couple of ready made flash lights charged by small solar panels with Li-ion Rechargeable Button LiR2032 3.6V Cell Battery in each of them. Took them a part ;) and Now I would like to merge/combine them both to get higher voltage output and of course use both panels at the...
  2. Chinesan

    Interested in purchasing laser

    Hey there (to anyone who want to sell good quality laser) I'm new to this forum. I been looking through *how to make..* tutorials and would love to make one my self but damn collecting all components will take me ages... not to mention I will probably do something wrong and waste it lol...
  3. Chinesan

    Hello from UK

    Hello :yh: