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  1. TheMonk

    Redilast Li-ion Battery sales! High quality - Made in Japan / Korea! 10% off!

    Run time of the Redilast 2900mah tested at light-reviews, very close to the Ultrafire 3000mah. http://light-reviews.com/forum/download/file.php?id=772&mode=view Light-Reviews.com • View topic - Li-Ion 18650 shootout
  2. TheMonk

    Heatsinking a Microboost

    check out this thread http://laserpointerforums.com/f51/heatsinks-driver-52743.html I am thinking to use this thermal pad to stick the driver to the heatsink AMD CPU Thermal Pad Phase Change Pad Laird 15x22x0.2mm - eBay (item 180541661186 end time Oct-01-10 16:32:15 PDT)
  3. TheMonk

    microboost acting weird

    I used this liquid soldering flux it mades the solder stick and flow to where you it too. A must have for soldering small stuff. DealExtreme: $2.06 Goot Super Soldering Flux
  4. TheMonk


    bsxsZjCeLVQ Public levitation, old trick.:na:
  5. TheMonk

    1.2W DIY 445nm in Spyder II host

    Excellent work :topic: Better than the Arctic, + 1.:D
  6. TheMonk

    445nm Diode Macros

    The Diode still works after de-can, but this one is zombie from Dave. Olympus Stylus 1010 on small tripod.:yh: These were already cropped using the feature in the camera. I put the poor thing on the Lathe and cut out the can using parting blade:eg: Thorlabs sell a tool to de-can diode as well.
  7. TheMonk

    Give me your tired, your poor...

    I am done. @pullbangdead PM me your mailing address if want the decaned 445nm.
  8. TheMonk

    Aixiz Lasers & 445 Lens Coating Mistake

    The Aixiz 405nm lens look a little blue under the lamp I though they sent the wrong lens again.:thinking: Today I check again under sun light it looks golden.:umbrella:
  9. TheMonk

    Aixiz Lasers & 445 Lens Coating Mistake

    I got the replacement lens from Aixiz the lens on the right should be correct, the coating is not as golden comparing to the coating on the 405-G-1 lens. It still has a mix of light blue and light golden color. Note the lens nut is golden color as well. 650nm lens on left and 405nm lens...
  10. TheMonk

    *Feeler* PGL-III-C bare hosts

    I am interested if the host has beam correcting optics build in.
  11. TheMonk

    447nm aka 445nm Blue Lab Lasers Now Available from Dragonlasers

    447nm 1Watt Blue Laser - Lab Laser :: Blue Lasers - 447nm 473nm :: Diode Lasers :: Dragon Lasers 447nm 1Watt Blue Laser - Lab Laser Is it possible to achive this? Beam divergence, full angle (mrad)<1. 0 Expected lifetime (hours)10000 Output power (mW)>1000
  12. TheMonk

    AixiZ 445nm lens...

    Got the 405nm lens from aixiz today, it was the wrong one they sent.
  13. TheMonk

    445nm Diode Macros

    Got this 445nm Diode from Dave. Enjoy.:D
  14. TheMonk


    Glad to know you like it. :D
  15. TheMonk

    Drivers Section *Poll Closed*

    Re: Drivers Section The 445nm does make thing more complicated we are now talking about 2amps current parallel drivers batteris that can handle high current draw.
  16. TheMonk

    Drivers Section *Poll Closed*

    Re: Drivers Section As for the placement of this new section may I recommend between Gas Lasers and Optics. Gas Lasers Drivers Optics
  17. TheMonk

    Drivers Section *Poll Closed*

    Re: Drivers Section How about Drivers / Test-load / Power Supply / batteries
  18. TheMonk

    Drivers Section *Poll Closed*

    I propose we start a Drivers Section. Since drivers is one of the most important elements for us DIYers next to Diodes. Would it be a good idea to have a centralized section for this topic. Let the polling begin.:pop:
  19. TheMonk


    Enjoy your blue.:beer:
  20. TheMonk


    Re: FS: Diode Press Tools $10 Got your payment, your tool will go out tomorrow. :thanks: Only one tool left.:shhh: