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  1. tonez

    Hey, Smoodle here!

    Hello mate, I've been wanting to go to Costa Rica for some time now.. The beaches and rain-forest look amazing there. I think next year I'll make it. Good luck on your build man. EZ
  2. tonez

    Post your random pics!

    A water cooled build I made a few years back.
  3. tonez

    Best MODS for vaping

    Well that's very good to hear, I just ordered the horizon arctic clone for $11 on Dhgate. I'm glad you say it has great flavor because I was just taking a guess with this one. Also that's very interesting to know you got a comfortable vape at 150w with that setup. I guess it all depends on how...
  4. tonez

    Looking for this Host

    Very nice, thank you! Now I can pretty much choose any Host, searching for a host that will disperse heat decently. Budget $50 max
  5. tonez

    Looking for this Host

    Talked with jayrob and he does not do the custom kaleidoscope tips anymore. Still waiting on reply's from few other people. If I can't find something like this maybe I can experiment with the caps I have.
  6. tonez

    Help deciding: 445nm or 462nm for first burner

    Indeed my friend, always respectful but not always careful. I am careful with a few things though, women, lasers, and idiots. hehe :tinfoil:
  7. tonez

    Help deciding: 445nm or 462nm for first burner

    Not a problem man, very sorry to hear your struggle. That's a pretty ruff time for you and best wishes on the outcome. I have a few others I know going through the same right now and I feel for ya. I also apologize for bringing this old thread back to life which I didn't see dates until Pi...
  8. tonez

    Best MODS for vaping

    I find that a bit overkill, but it's all preference. Most of the people I run into don't vape over 75w unless your a cloud chaser or want to compete in the Olympics lol. On the note the Sigelei 150w is a beast and only $20 more than the 75w Sigelei. I vape at around 40-65w with a duel coil...
  9. tonez

    Looking for this Host

    Thank you Trendkilla, this looks very temping and will looking into this a bit more. This is more of what I was looking for, but willing to hear out this other guy. Very nice looking host Lifetime, looks a bit pricey, but durable and efficient. Is Sinner the name of the guy that machines them...
  10. tonez

    Best MODS for vaping

    I recommend the Sigelei 75 watt box with your choice of sub ohm tank or RDA. It has temp control which is great if you wanna get the best flavor out of your liquids. I use to use the unregulated pen mods, but they aren't the best if you want control and taste.
  11. tonez

    Looking for this Host

    Hello everyone. I'm looking to build a 462nm 2w laser and I've been on the search now for several week looking for a host that I can use star cap lens and a straight beam (G2) lens. Something that I can switch between the two. Seem like far and in between but I did notice there's a 303 laser...
  12. tonez

    I'm Ray

    Hello Ray, this place is pretty cool and full on knowledgeable advice. If I didn't find this place I would of probably ended up throwing money away to cheap sources. Great find!
  13. tonez

    Self-Introductory of Myself

    Hello my friend!
  14. tonez

    How old are we?

    Exactly, it's like trying to tell your teenager to wear protection or not to smoke.. There gonna do what they want anyways. I know I did. :crackup:
  15. tonez

    How old are we?

    I'm 32, I see lots of 14-17 on the poll. Seems like a young age to be messing with high powered lasers. No offense, but there has to be some sorta maturity level for this stuff right? :undecided:
  16. tonez

    A Sterling intro

    Hello! Great intro as mine was a bit dull. Big ups on your English professor career.
  17. tonez

    Help deciding: 445nm or 462nm for first burner

    Very interesting story's on here, I dig the bear stuff.. You Alaskans are brave. I love the wilderness here in Colorado, but the thought of living in Alaska just kinda boggles me. haha Anyways I don't mean to hijack, but I am also very interested in the 445 and 462nm laser. Somebody on here...
  18. tonez

    SciFi lasers

    Re: Scifi lasers- how I dropped 140 USD for 4 minutes Well that's a good thing for me to remember, batteries the correct way the first time ;)
  19. tonez

    Hello all

    Well thank you for the kind words, much appreciated my friend. :beer:
  20. tonez

    Is this laser legit?

    Indeed, so what about my 5mw and 200mw 405nm UV.. It's pretty bright from 10 feet on white material's.. Is that something to be cautious with or is it not powerful enough? Thanks