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    Laser for Man OverBoard in the ocean

    Thanks all. We have the strobes on vests, inflatable reflective markers, life rings, personal MOB AIS transmitters but reality is one person on the boat trying to drop sails, turn about, follow the course, watch the screen for the MOB position, mauver the boat without running them over, shine a...
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    Hi from Brisbane Australia

    I'm hoping to find out more about lasers for survival at sea. I started a thread, about Man Overboard, hoping lasers might be a simple addition to being found. It is easy to be 100's of miles from any other person or help, you and the person left on the boat are on your own. It's up to the...
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    Laser for Man OverBoard in the ocean

    Happy to be corrected. Reading the laws I believe they would be allowed. My interpretation is that =/< 1mW doesn't need a licence. >1mW requires "A reasonable reason", vague I know but as a life saving device I believe it could easily be argued it was a reasonable reason considering other...
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    Laser for Man OverBoard in the ocean

    Hi, 1st post, be nice :-) My wife and I intend to sail across oceans, the biggest risk is falling overboard and not being found. We will have all sorts of locating equipment but if all else fails it is hard to see someone in the water in bad seas, my thinking is it is easy for the person in the...