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  1. skjult

    25mm heatsink?

    Looking for a 50-60mm heatsink "sleeve" for a 25mm module. Aluminum, so not too heavy. Finned or not finned. Gutted this old Ryobi flashlight and a dead battery pack. Looked at building into it a 7.4v LiPo battery pack, but going to go cheap at first and try a 6AA holder with NiMH cells (8.4v...
  2. skjult

    The Big Ugly

    If someone's done this, please let me know. Rather than a bunch of hosts, I'm intending to build a single large host that will serve as a test platform. The idea is to put a single large disc (e.g. 4-5" diam., 1-2" deep) of aluminum up front, and sink into that several cavities for 12mm...
  3. skjult

    Siemens HeNe glass tube LGR 7641 & Metrologic PS type 37157

    Look what I found in my goodies bin. Made in West Germany - so that tells you the age. I think I picked these up in the early 90s. I recall they worked but I’ve misplaced the instructions on the power supply. If you’ve seen one of these let me know the color codes. I believe it is black -, red...
  4. skjult

    1/2 D size LiPo?

    The gearshift handle that is my avatar is being made into a host. There's a hidden compartment which will perfectly hold 2/3 of a D cell. There exists a 1/2 D cell - awesome! But only in NiMH, so I have found. 1/2D Size Rechargeable Battery 2400mAh NiCd High Top | eBay A few thoughts on...
  5. skjult

    Simple battery voltage monitor?

    I am looking for a simple, small battery level monitor for custom hosts. Similar to this: 3.5-7V RX Battery Voltage Level LED Indicator | eBay This one is for 6v racing packs, I think. $5 is a good target for something like this. I may get this one, but it's a tad large and for a single...
  6. skjult

    $50 bench power supply - nice!

    I just saw this on-sale: 0-30V, 0-3A Mini Bench Supply-MPJA, Inc. 0-30v and 3A. I bought the $60 vertical version: 0-30V, 0-3A Variable Benchtop Power Supply-MPJA, Inc. I used it for the first time last night. Great little unit! Love being able to directly drive and test diodes this way...
  7. skjult

    Nice brass heatsink $3 @ Lowe's - great "nose" for a host

    Hi folks. Without access to a metal lathe, I've been looking for some inexpensive ways to provide a heatsink for an Aixiz module. Spent quite some time at Lowe's yesterday and have much to report, but for now I wanted to share this interesting $3 piece I found in the plumbing section: Shop...
  8. skjult

    Cheap charging adapter for "D cell" 32600 LiPos that are really 32700

    Picked up a couple of 32650 LiPo cells that are supposed to be protected 32600 (D-cell size). Well, these are a full 70mm, 10mm more than a D-cell. So, use in hosts requires a mod. Fine, but how to charge them without buying a special charger? Project cost: about $3.50. Bought a 2 D-cell...
  9. skjult

    TO18 diode insertion tool

    Hi. Happened upon this piece of hardware @ Lowe's this evening. It's a brass tube, just shy of 5mm and nicely surrounds the pins on a standard TO18 laser diode. It allows you to put even pressure on the diode while protecting the pins. Best yet, you get enough tube to cut it down into...
  10. skjult

    TrustFire, UltraFire, et al.

    Just a suggestion to the overseas marketers of LiPo batteries: having the word "fire" anywhere in the name of a LiPo product is NOT a good idea. :-)
  11. skjult

    Large hosts

    Hi folks. I was on a site looking at power supplies and noticed these huge MagLite-like hosts that are relatively cheap. There's a 6-D version! At almost 20" long, not terribly practical, but it will run forever and a massive heatsink in that head could accommodate several modules. Might be...
  12. skjult

    Bench power supply - what do you think?

    Looking for a decent, yet inexpensive power supply with current and voltage settings independent. This one looks decent (0-30VDC and 0-3A)... Brand New Mini Bench DC Power Supply 0-30V, 0-3A! Great Supply! | eBay Price is right: $85 with shipping from US. Any better deals out there? The...
  13. skjult

    Hello from Richmond, Virginia

    Hi all. I've posted a few times, so I thought it time to play by the rules and introduce myself. I am fairly experienced, have been around lasers for many years. First was a HeNe (dim!) tube I picked up at an Amateur Radio swap fest, probably in 1985. It was, I think, removed from a store...
  14. skjult

    Nice chart of popular laser diodes and their specs?

    Has anyone put together a reasonably comprehensive list of popular diodes and their specs? E.g. - manufacturer, part #, nm, mW, voltage (range), current (range), maxes for ea, etc. Thanks!
  15. skjult

    Replacing a blown 808nm diode in a green module

    I have an approx 150mw green module which has a blown diode and / or driver board. Wanting to do 1 of 2 things: 1. Replace 808nm diode and driver with new ones at same level of output. Cheap. 2. Replace both with a higher output combo. Still cheap. I have heard that the crystal will...
  16. skjult

    Help me understand how these cheap LED drivers work

    I've heard many of these cheap LED drivers can be used for constant-current applications with laser diodes. I'm trying to grok the way one like this works: 1.5V~4.2V 3W Cree Circuit Board for Flashlights (16.7mm*5.6mm) - Free Shipping - DealExtreme - 1*Cree 3W regulated power output - Output...