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  1. mhakali

    Your next portable laser?

    Just found; Death Ray Tubes : United Nuclear , Scientific Equipment & Supplies Sorry if it's a repost. Anyone fancy a 100W portable CO2 IR laser? :) Great for recreational purposes. :wave:
  2. mhakali

    Cheap IR 808 & 1064nm block filter for single quotes

    IR filters can be found cheap in packs. However S&H can be high for ordering single units. I accidentally ran in to 808nm,1064nm IR filter/Laser pen ,power meter use /532nm high transmittance | eBay 98% blocking rate at 808nm & 1064nm IR filter. 97.5% transmission of 532nm. Great for LPM...
  3. mhakali

    I wonder what will arrive! [Dino Direct support]

    During Dino Direct "Get $100 cash back" deal I grabbed myself a coupon. Eventually deciding to purchase towards 1x ReKe-91B. From specifications you can read: And from the pictures (from DD website) you can see: Now. My received item looked like: :confused: I went a bit :wtf...
  4. mhakali

    1W 405nm @ $113 shipped

    Just saw at DX. 1000mW 405nm Blue-Violet/Royal Purple Laser Pen (1 x 18650) - Free Shipping - DealExtreme They are usually quite reliable on direct diode specs afaik... Looks like a good deal. :)
  5. mhakali

    473nm coming down?

    First the DL 20mW @ $299, now I recently found this item: New Arrival 5-50mw 473nm high power and quality pure blue la...USD 245.23/Piece Wholesale Price at DHgate.com $199 for (presumably 5mW, they have not specifically clarified) 5mW 473nm with an awesome host. That's for ordering 20+. But...
  6. mhakali

    445nm on the cheap

    With the 445nm diodes being relatively cheap per piece, I thought I'd summarize a few bargains for the ones looking for 445nm's with a restricted budget. ----------- DinoDirect: 500mW waterproof @ $96.19 incl S&H (1000mW @ $161.69) DealExtreme: 1000mW with 5 diffraction filters @ $147.80 incl...
  7. mhakali

    Review: WickedLasers E2 532nm "37.5-75mW" [~100mW], from Glenn's GB

    Salute! This is the review of one of the WickedLasers E2 532nm from Glenn's group buy, which was not unfortunate enough not to pass his strict QA, so here it arrives. Great thanks for this very unexpected (early) delivery! (Problems loading images? Gimme a shout in the replies!!) For full...
  8. mhakali

    SOLD! - Wicked Lasers Arctic Spyder III 445nm *G2*

    The classic. The hated (company). The awesome host. The Spyder III is looking for a new home. :-) Update: This item is SOLD. G2 version, with safety switch. Specs & official pictures: Blue Laser Pointer 1 Watt | S3 Arctic | Spyder III | Wicked Lasers Snippet: FDA Accession No...
  9. mhakali

    WTH is this? 477nm?

    As topic says. I would guess it's a 447nm module with a typo in the label. Looking at the module size I would guess at TEC + heat sink cooled diode. Not a 473nm DPSS (size too small (?), atleast compared to all 473nm labbies I've seen). :thinking: On top of this it's supposed to perform at...
  10. mhakali

    O-like mess

    This is a short review of my recent experience with O-Like. I know that most of you probably have good experience with O-Like. Hopefully this is an one time incident. I am posting it because I am as of now without a laser and without a refund, and O-Like owe me about $270. And on top of this...
  11. mhakali

    FS: RGB ILDA/DMX Laser Projector (w/ 473nm blue) (SOLD, pending payment)

    Heya. SOLD - Pending full payment. Laserworld Laser CS-400RGB ILDA 400 mW RGB -- 473nm DPSS, 532nm DPSS, 650nm direct diode. Retail price: £1,369.00 (at djkit.com). However this is not fair. Think LaserWorld themselves sold this unit for about 800-900 EUR while in production / mainline...
  12. mhakali

    What would you spend it on?

    Since the downtime my thread was gone, so putting up a new one. (What happend?) Got a $150 gift certificate and a $100 cash back coupon on DinoDirect. What laser gadget would you guys purchase? In general not interested in their hand held units. Have plenty of 532nm & 445nm. And their 473nm...
  13. mhakali

    Great article in Swedish IDG about Lithuanian lasers

    Great article in Swedish IDG about Lithuanian lasers Translated article can be located here Original article here I would love one of those adjustable 210nm - 16000nm adjustable laser modules ;) No mention of price in the article...... :drool: :drool: :drool:
  14. mhakali

    ILDA USB converter quality?

    Hello! Just received my first laser projector with ILDA interface. Yey! :beer: Now I am looking into ILDA equipment and DMX equipment to connect it to. I have found a few ILDA <-> USB adapters ranging from $60 - $125 with included ILDA software. My main concern is the ILDA adapter itself. Is...
  15. mhakali

    Worst laser day in a while!

    So. Was bidding on this ILDA laser projector RGB with among others 40mW 473nm DPSS module (always wanted to see a 473nm in real life!). It was going really well. Had signed in, verified everything. Done a test shot. Waiting for the countdown. 40s left and the bid was an amazing 241 EUR. So I...
  16. mhakali

    GB feeler: 150mW 671nm

    Considering arranging an European / Swedish based group buy for 671nm DPSS red units. Everyone would of course be welcomed to participate and buy. In regards to shipping costs we will have to look at some applicable model. Feeler is up. 150mW 671nm DPSS; 215 EUR / US$295 shipped within...
  17. mhakali

    Awesome laserworld lasershow at Prolight

    Found this vid from Prolight / Frankfurt this year. Some awesome 3d effects on the semi-transparent screens! :) The face was very well done! Must have been quite an experience seeing it live! Restricted to only be viewable on youtube due to soundtrack copyright, click below: YouTube -...
  18. mhakali

    Dreamlasers have beam corrective optics

    Just spoke a bit with Dreamlasers about the possibility to get a hand held DPSS red laser as they have recently started to produce new red DPSS modules. They however did not want to incorporate these into hand held portable units. But instead recommended a 655nm direct diode based laser...
  19. mhakali

    PriceAngels Focusable 200mW 532nm [$46.32] -- First PA review :)

    Price Angels focusable 200mW 532nm review [SKU 73960] This review is of PriceAngel's laser located here. This review may contain unsuitable contents for laser lovers such as dessication, gore and bare metal nudity. Parental guidance is strongly advised. :angel: Problems loading images? Gimme a...
  20. mhakali

    Dreamlasers 488nm direct diodes

    Hey. Just got a mail from dreamlasers. They seem to have launched a new 50mW 488nm direct diode. I have asked for pricing. It will probably be too expensive for me. But one can always hope. :-) Updated: 50mW 488nm diode laser module SDL-488-LM-050T power adjustable, current display Unit...