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  1. twelti

    Trouble-shooting RGB

    I've ordered probably 15 times and had no problems. You get what you pay for I guess.
  2. twelti

    Trouble-shooting RGB

    So far just manual control. I was thinking of using Arduino. I'm still trying to think of some clever and cheap DIY scanner, using speaker drivers. I have them laying all over the place at work.
  3. twelti

    Trouble-shooting RGB

    No, no sarcasm. Here is mine: https://www.banggood.com/RGB-300mW-White-Laser-Dot-Module-Red-Green-Blue-638nm-520nm-450nm-TTL-Driver-Modulation-p-1252293.html?rmmds=search&cur_warehouse=CN
  4. twelti

    Trouble-shooting RGB

    Oh, SNAP! I thought it was one of the many floating ads! Due, you really went whole hog.
  5. twelti

    Trouble-shooting RGB

    Which RGB module are you using?
  6. 20190504_152829.mp4


  7. CO2 Laser

    CO2 Laser

    Vids of a CO2 laser I have been working on. Tube and NST (and advice) kindly donated by Anthony P.
  8. 20190420_174106.mp4


    First light (at least for THIS owner of the tube) for a CO2 laser!
  9. twelti

    CO2 vs Brick & 10kv, 60mA NST

    Yipee Cayay!!
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    Misc Stuff
  11. Focusing Lens.jpg

    Focusing Lens.jpg

  12. twelti

    CO2 gas for laser - Source

    Yes, I have seen that done on YouTube, using a balloon and calipers or something to measure diameter and calculate volume. I probably will try that but just thought this would be simpler to start. Does the pressure in the resonator change as the balloon deflates? You didn't mention N2? Is...
  13. twelti

    CO2 gas for laser - Source

    SOLVED I found a supplier. SCI Analytical (http://scicalgas.com/). They will mix whatever you need and ship it. Prices seem reasonable, and they are very hobbiest-friendly. I'm going to start with a known good mixture and get everything else working, then maybe experiment with my own mixes.
  14. twelti

    CO2 gas for laser - Source

    I may try that, it is hard to find a blend from these industrial sources, if you don't own a business
  15. twelti


    If the CO2 levels in the air go up enough, maybe I can use it for my CO2 laser! (and aim it at Anthony)
  16. twelti

    CO2 gas for laser - Source

    I found this on Alibaba: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Laser-and-electric-light-source-mixed_60832442256.html?spm=a2700.7724838.2017115.169.66a442a7M899yF
  17. twelti

    CO2 gas for laser - Source

    I wonder if I just procured the individual gasses, and went into a welding or neon sign shop and asked then to blend it for me...?
  18. twelti

    CO2 gas for laser - Source

    Thanks for responding. As I said, I'm talking about a blend of gasses. They don't sell CO2 laser blends at a party store (unless parties have gotten a lot more "rad" since I was young! I have searched on Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, various commercial companies (mostly they don't respond or want...
  19. twelti

    CO2 gas for laser - Source

    Does anyone have a good source for CO2 blend for flowing laser tube? I have been looking but struck out so far. It doesn't help that there is apparently a Helium shortage right now. One company that does have it said they are only selling to hospitals and large accounts right now because of that.
  20. twelti

    I am wondering what kind of things you "vets" DO with your lasers, after acquiring, tweaking and...

    I am wondering what kind of things you "vets" DO with your lasers, after acquiring, tweaking and comparing etc. ?...and after burning up a few things (which gets old fast it seems). Do you do experiments? Laser shows? Holograms?