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  1. spectral532

    Dead LOC, any ideas why?

    Recently, I purchased a LPC-815 sled from HighTechDealz. When it got here I soldered a few wires to the ribbon cable and powered the diode up. It worked fine. I didn't have the tools to extract it at the time, so I put it back in the anti-static bag and left it alone. The next day I try...
  2. spectral532

    Voltage regulation of laser diodes? (Instead of current regulation)

    Is it possible to use voltage regulation instead of current regulation when driving laser diodes? The reason I ask is because using the LM317 in voltage regulation mode would lower the dropout voltage when compared to using it in current regulation mode (as it is used in the DDL driver). In...
  3. spectral532

    Question about LPC-815 LOC forward voltage

    Does anyone know if there is a graph of the LPC-815 LOC diode forward voltage versus current draw? In particular, I am interested in the precise voltage needed to drive the LOC diode at 420, 475, and 500 ma.
  4. spectral532

    Using a DealExtreme driver board to power a laser

    Is it possible to use one of the led drivers from DealExtreme to power a laser? I am looking for cheap driver to power a red LOC or a PHR-803T from a single Li-ion battery. In particular, I have been looking at SKU 7882 and SKU 15880. Both are capable of boosting voltage, and SKU 15880 seems...
  5. spectral532

    GGW-H20L vs. SF-AW210, which one is a better value?

    After completing my PHR-803T module, I've been considering building a 6x laser. However, I'm on a limited budget and cant decide which diode to get. I've read that GGW-H20L diodes are more powerful than SF-AW210 sleds. But with GGW-H20L sleds priced around $70 and SF-AW210s priced around...
  6. spectral532

    Cant follow Yabb.pl links or read old posts

    I cant seem to follow links that have YaBB.pl in them. Such as http://www.laserpointerforums.com/forums/YaBB.pl?num=1185701612 Everytime, I try to access one of these links I get redirected to the homepage. I know this is related to the forum changeover that occured a few months back, but is...
  7. spectral532


    Hello everyone, I have been lurking here for the past month or so, slowly gathering information for my first blu-ray laser. Though adequate use of the search button I've learned so much, yet there is still so much more to read. Now that my laser is finally coming together, I figured it was time...