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  1. Haloid95

    Dragon Laser.....No response after the 15th

    2 days really isnt that bad, I would say up to 5 days is decent reply time for a business. Also, I have never ordered from Dragon Lasers but I mostly hear good things about them.
  2. Haloid95


    That is some super deep water lol.
  3. Haloid95

    Too Damn Close

    I noticed whenever Im not wearing my glasses (When my laser is held and stable with no danger of it moving). When I look at a white wall or something white I see part of it as yellow. Unfortunatly yes please check the date before you post :( These ones: Beginner Safety Goggles for 532nm /...
  4. Haloid95

    1.4W-2.5W Blue-Ice Lasers $125 shipped (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

    Re: 1.4W-2.5W Blue-Ice Lasers $125 shipped (Now available as $50 JAD KIT) Gonna have to grab one of these, when I get payed. I think I might be getting back into the laser hobby. :eg:
  5. Haloid95

    1.3w waterproof laser $110 #SOLD#

    This is kind of a old thread :na: But to answer your question im guessing your talking about a link in my signature. Its because the camera quality is not very good. With your eyes the beam can be seen very nicely.
  6. Haloid95

    Bank of America

    I dont usually withdraw money from it ( I use a card). I heard that for paypal to deposit payment into your bank account the name has to match completely. Has anyone ever tried withdrawing to bank from a paypal with a different name? Maybe a relative, or friend? When I opened the account they...
  7. Haloid95

    Bank of America

    Hey guys, I have a little bit of a problem. I sell stuff on ebay and I have some money on paypal I want to withdraw to my bank. My Bank of America checking account and paypal name are not exactly the same. Will Paypal or Bank Of America have a problem with this? Im not trying to get limited...
  8. Haloid95

    Not FS: 1W+ 638nm RED L2, with Magic (price lowered)

    Re: FS: 1W+ 638nm RED L2, with Magic Just wanted to say this is an amazing build. Should sell pretty quick.
  9. Haloid95

    200mw dilda laser with Juice Batteries,charger, and extra Diode! $35 shipped

    This laser is sold to Travishall81, had a couple people pm me after I sold it, forgot to say its sold. :)
  10. Haloid95

    200mw dilda laser with Juice Batteries,charger, and extra Diode! $35 shipped

    Re: 200mw dilda laser and extras Will do when I get home. Thanks for the support and advice!
  11. Haloid95

    200mw dilda laser with Juice Batteries,charger, and extra Diode! $35 shipped

    Re: 200mw dilda laser and extras Bumpppp
  12. Haloid95

    200mw dilda laser with Juice Batteries,charger, and extra Diode! $35 shipped

    Selling my 200mw red dilda laser. Got it a while ago but rarely used it. It has no scratches along the host, but some minor wear on the knurling. It will come with some special "Juice" brand rechargeable CR2 batteries (3.6V instead of regular 3V rechargeable's.) A extra laser diode I had (not...
  13. Haloid95

    $4.35 405nm eBay pen SUPER OVERSPECT Must see!!

    Just Ordered a 532 and 405 one. Not really that into lasers anymore but for that price I had to get it :P. (Made $120 worth of impulse purchases on ebay today)
  14. Haloid95

    Disassembling O-like gatlin 532nm

    When I first got into lasers I always wanted one of those. But it was expensive and always out of stock. Good guide and nice pictures +1.
  15. Haloid95

    Haloid95 is Good to Go: Cheers

    Same with you, Payed very fast. Hope you enjoy your laser and pm me if you have any questions about it. Thanks for buying!
  16. Haloid95

    Selling 445nm/532nm glasses ($9)

    I have a very bad cold so I dont think so :( I will pm you my paypal and if you want to buy it send $13 tonight, And I will ship it tomorrow. Thanks
  17. Haloid95

    Selling 445nm/532nm glasses ($9)

    Ya sure. Im not in a hurry
  18. Haloid95

    Selling 445nm/532nm glasses ($9)

  19. Haloid95

    Permanent eye damage done.

    Do you think it might be a floater? And Infinitus is right, if you did damage to your eye because of lasers you probably would of felt something.
  20. Haloid95

    Selling 445nm/532nm glasses ($9)

    Selling these 445nm/532nm laser glasses for $9+ $4 shipping via priority mail. They come with the holding case, glasses, and glasses wipe. Copied specifications: Blocked Wavelength: 445nm ( Blue ), 532nm ( Green ) Protecting Direction: all direction, no limitation Visible light...