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    got 3-D printer... Need parts?

    Hey all, Haven't been around here in a bit, I took a big dive into 3-D printing. Recently got my Solidoodle2, got it all tweaked up, running like a champ. Just figured I'd put it out there, if anyone needs some custom plastic parts, just PM me, and we'll talk. Currently only printing in...
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    A little something different

    Hey all, I am stewing on an idea, and I have a question - hopefully there's a simple answer out there... I'd like to make something similar to an old-school radar screen. It'd be a disc with a hole in the center. Thru the hole in the center, there woiuld be a small FS mirror mounted at a 45...
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    My son's new mission: Kids Adopt A Shelter

    Hey all, I just wanted to raise some attention for my son's new project. Some back-story: My wife's little sister works at an animal shelter. (The Little Shelter in Huntington Station, NY) My son heard all the stories and had seem facebook pics of my sis-in-law with all these different dogs...
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    Laservision Digital SE head.

    Hey All, A friend gave me a Laservision Digital SE head unit. This seems to be part of a system of a few of these with numerous control panels and such... like this: Laservision Digital SE system It has a tube laser (I am assuming it's a HeNe) The laser warning sticker indicates 5mW and...
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    Flying LASER Ghost.

    After seeing that my Flying Crank Ghost's ghost had played host to a family of mice, and feeling entirely too lazy to make a new one, AND having a Laser Lumia that I had just assembled for another purpose, I put one and one together and made something that I think is VERY cool...
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    Burning questions about burning...

    Hey All, Been lurking and occasionally commenting for a while. Lots of info flowing around here, and thanks for everyone who is openly sharing their know-how... My real hobby is Halloween. Wifey and I throw a major bash every year (100+ people) and we also decorate like lunatics (some of our...
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    Access to Salon... Laser hair removal Q:

    Hey all, One of my clients owns a building in Manhattan, the top 2 floor are (were) a spa/salon (the one seen on Housewives of NYC TV show) that just went bankrupt. -- they literally showed up one day at about 2:00pm and fired everyone, giving them 5 minutes to clear out their personal...
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    50 Watt Laser for testing telescopes

    Interesting article and application... SkyandTelescope.com - News Blog - Gemini Telescope's "Bad-Seeing Blaster"
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    Audio/Visual Contractor looking for lasers etc for trade..

    Hi. I have LOADS of audio/visual gear, mostly New-In-Box, that's I'd like to trade for some lasers/galvos, etc. I want to build a laser harp. I am thinking I'd need at least a 20K scanning galvo set, and I'd like to use a TTL Mod'd blue laser (750mW+?) AND a 2nd, lower power red laser as a...