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  1. J

    Save mA?

    Hi all, Im building a laser, and i need some help chosing the right mA. I have a closed can diode extracted from 16x dvd burner. With a LM317 driver, to stabillize the current On the internet i found a video, where they used a opencandiode, They set their mA at 430. But how much mA can a...
  2. J

    Do you think its dead?

    Hi, It used to be a simple build. You know, a dvd-burner diode, LM317 driver and a good 7.5V power source. Well, after making the driver (LM317) and the power supply (from PC). It was time to attach the diode that wass pressed in a Aixiz housing. My LM317 driver wass tested with dummyload...
  3. J

    First build: PHR-803T

    Hello, i'm going to make my first build. A 405nm (violet) extracted from PHR-803T sled. Well i have a few questions: 1.whats good current? 120mA? 2.whats a good driver for it? 3.somebody that has a diagram for what mw at wich current? Hope you can answer to (one of my) questions. I also gonna...
  4. J

    HELP 1W 445nm & 405nm driver Aixiz

    Hi, i have a 1W Aixiz driver: click. I dont know why but i cannot find any information about it, i dont know how to set the current etc. Wel, i want to use it with the 405nm diode from xbox hd-dvd. Extracted from sled :PHR-803T Can somebody tell me if i wont kill my diode, and how to...
  5. J

    Requested: 405nm diode

    Hello everybody, First i wanted a 445nm diode, but because there are only verry expensive ones, i take a violet one :) Is there somebody that has one, that is powerfull enough to burn? +-200mw? If nobody has one, i gonna by one from ebay. Jurre
  6. J

    Hi, i'm Jurre

    Hello, i'm Jurre. I live in The Netherlands. I was always interested in lasers, it started with a little 5mw laser. It was nice to shine trough a glass of water, or another liquid. Then i found burning lasers on youtube, from a guy calling himself "kipkay". I think this guy can be blind...
  7. J

    Anyone with one 445nm 200mw diode?

    Hello everybody, Im searching for a not so exspensive (cheap) diode. A blue 445nm 200mw, used or unused, tell me if you have one! Sirencely, Jurre