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    I’m scared

    Well I got that new DILAS laser as some of you know and it’s 808nm 30 watt output, and I have a pair of eagle pair glasses, well I always thought the label was 190-540nm and 800-1700nm come to find out its 900nm to 1700 NOT 800. So I’ve been using them this whole damn time looking at this 30...
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    PM me if you have any for sale with a good q switch, I want it to make a green pulsed laser with KTP crystal I have. Willing to pay 250 dollars
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    Problem with DILAS laser

    Hey fellas (and possibly women?) I got a DILAS single diode fiber coupled bar today, and something seems strange about it. I contacted DILAS asking for the datasheet but it’s an OEM Module I guess, but I found a datasheet for the same exact diode (I believe anyway) and it says they run at 1.9...
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    PPLN green 530nm laser

    Hey guys check this little beauty out. It is a pretty neat PPLN laser diode. It is the size of a dime and puts out about 107mw of 530nm laser awesomeness. It is item number 233004200040 on eBay. I got him to come down to 80 dollars for the module. I think there is only one left so I thought I...
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    eBay items for sale!

    Hey guys if you want I have some laser things for sale on eBay, not sure where to post this (maybe buy sell and trade idk) but go take a look and message me for any questions :) ebay username is program72
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    Helicopter/airplane laser protection idea?

    Hey you wonderful laser people of the world, I was sitting in my bed wondering why helicopters and airplanes don’t use a type of coating on the glass windows like laser goggles to maybe reduce the effects of the laser light scattering? Maybe not like full fledged laser coatings like eagle pair...
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    Help guys, I need a poem about lasers!

    Hey guys it’s been a while, but for my senior project in school I need a 20 line poem about lasers. Maybe someone could make one pretty fast? Or find one? I can’t seem to find any since you know...it’s lasers and not many people make proms about them lol. Thank you!
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    Selling Big Sky ER:YAG And CTH:YAG lasers

    Hey guys, I thought it is finally time to start selling some things so I can keep my hobby going because I no longer can afford anything. I will be selling my Big Sky ER:YAG AND CTH:YAG Lasers. The Big Sky is in pretty great condition and everything works very well, just ask my hand, it gets...
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    Nitrogen/TEA laser eye hazards??

    Hey, I was wondering is there any hazards when viewing a nitrogen laser output on white material (turn bright blue)? I haven’t found any info on this. Or possibly skin hazards even though it is pulsed.thanks any info would help!
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    Super small YAG laser cavity

    Hey guys, I recently got this tiny ND:YAG rod for free as a gift. I am wondering how the heck should I make a cavity for it? I have 20mm mirrors coming in the mail, but I’m not sure how I’m going to get it to work, I’ve been having the privalage of using rods with integrated mirrors, but I’ll...
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    Awesome homemade YAG laser!!

    Hey guys I haven’t been on in a few days, but I’ve been getting everything setup for my homemade yag laser. I’ll add a link to see all the cool pictures and tell me what you guys think, you can swipe to the bottom and see the other pictures in the album too on the website link. But anyway it is...
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    SOLD: SSY-1 laser for sale

    SOLD: Ssy-1 nd:yag for sale Hey guys, I recently got the SSY-1 to learn about yag lasers and other solid state lasers. I have recently moved along and have bigger ones now and I have a ruby laser project I must fund. It is in perfect condition, I took out the q-switch because it was no fun I...
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    M60 Ruby laser project...Help

    Hey guys, recently bought an m60 ruby laser project on eBay, the seller wanted 400 but was probably the nicest person I have ever seen and I got it for 100. I just wanted to know what is the maximum amount of joules that can be put into that particular flashlamp? I’ve read on sams faqs that the...
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    Help! Need a suggestion for SSY-1 laser

    Hello guys, so I recently got my ssy yag laser and I fired it up 1 time at the right voltage and the lamp popped like a balloon!! Does anyone know where I can get an extra lamp? Or one like it? I got it as a Christmas gift and now it’s broken. Any suggestions will help. Thank you!
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    Looking to Buy TEA laser or UV laser (not 405nm)

    Hey guys, I keep getting deeper and deeper into lasers, I was wondering if anyone has a professionally built TEA laser or at least one that is not sketchy made, (such as the one on YouTube called coaxial TEA laser) or any UV laser not 405nm I mean like 365nm or so. Thanks!
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    Hello guys, it’s been a while but I was wondering if anyone has an ssy-1 yag head or any yag laser head that will pop holes in metal and other things like that. If so private message me and we can talk. I am willing to spend around 150-200 dollars. Thanks!
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    Coherent high power diode possibly??

    Alright guys I think I posted about this a while ago but now I understand diodes more I have a question, so I have an 18 watt coherent fap module yes I have laser glasses od5+ but I also have a 300 dollar driver on the way from OPT Lasers. The power supply I have is 5 volts at 20 amps, I was...
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    Amazing diode !!

    Hey guys just thought I would share my thoughts on this wonderful beauty of a diode. It’s a 30 watt 975nm diode runs at 5 volts 12 amps and it is truly amazing except how easily the fiber can and WILL break. I broke the tip off but it stills works great!! I’ll add some pictures if I can figure...
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    Should I buy these unknown laser diodes?

    Hey guys quick question, who thinks I should buy these diodes? Well said to be laser diodes anyway? Anyone got any clue what they are? Wavelength? It says from government but I’ve never seen any diode look like that before lol. Your thoughts? Item number 292097264916 on eBay.
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    Help with fiber coupled pld 40 diode 30w

    Hi guys it’s been a while since I posted but I was wondering if you guys can help me? Alright so I’m about to buy a fiber couples 30w diode for 350 dollars and I was wondering how should I cook this? I was thinking maybe putting it straight on a peltier cooler with a piece of metal between it...