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  1. game-genie

    Anyone Guess what this is :-p

    Forget about the cake because
  2. game-genie

    my new record of opened tabs

    16 Right now Atleast 10, average should be around 18 and max is 25.
  3. game-genie

    100% satisfaction yobresal

    Yobersal really should get some UV Tatoo Ink ^^ So when he is shining a bluray around the whole tatoo lights up =D
  4. game-genie


    Ive heard that he had an accident with a laser or something and now he is in hospital ... Cant find that post so dont qoute me on that...
  5. game-genie

    Greeze from Austia

    He isnt the second austrian member here xD There are already 5 or 6 (including me dave >=D). Welcome MasterM to the famous LaserPointerForums =D game
  6. game-genie

    Heat Sink/Module for the 3.6mm Red from SightFX

    Thanks Dave =D If the heat these produce is lower than the 5.6 ones we may see some µ-Pointer here xD
  7. game-genie

    World's coolest lens?

    Yaaay walking shadows xD Nice find !
  8. game-genie

    Should DarkArmyofOne be Banned?

    Nothing more to add =D
  9. game-genie

    Walmart fog machine $15

    I also need a uber cheap Fog-Machine, or two >.>. Why am i born in europe :[
  10. game-genie

    DieselMarines 8x Blu Ray Built by Daguin

    <3<3<3 That box =D Where did you got it? game ps: uh nice lightsaber =P
  11. game-genie

    1.5 Watt He-Ne ???

    Afaik the highest power He-Ne is/was 300mW. It was made by a chinese student/teacher.
  12. game-genie

    "400mW" PGL-III-C Updated Re-Review (new Photo & Video)

    This amount of power only can be achieved by perfect crystal alingment + the right Temparature of all parts. I guess the pump is 3w-5w.
  13. game-genie

    "400mW" PGL-III-C Updated Re-Review (new Photo & Video)

    <bryce007>: proto, did you see RA_pierces re-review of the PGL? <Proto>: no <bryce007>: 816mW peak <game-genie>: O <game-genie>: M <game-genie>: F <game-genie>: G <game-genie>: O_O <bryce007>: x2 Nothing else to add O.o
  14. game-genie

    Rat with laser on back = winz?

    I should do something like this with Alyx >=D
  15. game-genie

    How much power do I need?

    Full ACK! And Im pretty sure the projection will be on a building in a city where something like "night" doesnt exist... One of these low Mrad lasers... NO actually 2 could do the job! Best regards game-genie Edit: Is it even possible for galvos to run a whole night? I cant imagine these...
  16. game-genie

    Very Large Capacitors

    ^ Moms always tend to throw away sons bigboy toys :/ My mother also always did that till the day she saw my PHR Laser O_o
  17. game-genie

    How hard would it be to do this?

    Since he is willing to DIY something, it would be no problem to mod these ^^" It would be also posible to dissasamble it and put it into a new case and add a spirograph etc.
  18. game-genie

    My PHR "pen" @ 105 mA

    Its a FlashPen =D Nice Build + Find. Rep+
  19. game-genie

    Glue in 200mw focusable?

    I guess that this "glue" is some extra grease ... Susie usually does that for a smoother head. Best regards game
  20. game-genie

    How hard would it be to do this?

    If you want 2 colours (Actually 3) then oyu can buy a projector from Dx: DealExtreme: $67.95 Green + Red Laser Stars Light Show Special Effects Stage Projector (Green 50mW + Red 100mW) They are from New-Wish and "good" quality + DX offers free shipping! Best regards game