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  1. Coby

    Prisms and lasers

    Hey everyone Yesterday I decided to have a small photo shoot with my lasers and my prisms. Below are the results. You can click the image to see the bigger, unresized picture. Thanks for looking :) :wave:
  2. Coby

    445nm and two prisms (YT)

    Hey guys, I also posted these vids in my review of Coconuts' marbles but I feel they don't get the attention they deserve :D (And for some reason I only see white squares in the thread...) Anyway, two short vids taken with my smartphone camera (SGS 2, 8MP) Edit: God I'm stupid, there's a...
  3. Coby

    Review of Coconuts' uranium marbles, prisms and 405nm pen

    Hey everyone. I recently aquired some uranium marbles and the last two prisms from Coconuts. I got a 405nm pen as a gift because I bought for 60$. Because I'm so satisfied with this sale I wanted to make a review about it. Please be aware though that this is my first review so it might not be...
  4. Coby

    Skylasers 150mw greenie penstyle losing power?

    Hi everyone! Yesterday I got my 150mw green laser pointer from Skylasers. After unpacking and putting in some new Duracell batteries it seems the laser is HEAVILY underspec, it doesn't burn or sting anything. While that's not the worst part of the story, while I was trying it out that night...
  5. Coby

    Touching the sky

    Hello everyone! I am fairly new to laser (have been lurking for some time but still quite a noob I guess :p) and I was wondering how powerful must a green laser be to view the dot on the clouds? I've read before that this is possible. I currently have a 2W blue laser (bought it from Blord) but...
  6. Coby

    Good charger for 18350 cells

    Hello everyone! Don't be fooled by my low post count as I have been lurking for quite some time now! :p I have a question regarding a charger, I have two UltraFire 18350s and a charger (some Chinese charger) that can charge one battery at a time. It seems though that the charger has died (and...