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  1. JReeeVe

    Would these glasses protect against a 2W Blue?

    Blue Green Violet Laser Diode Protection Goggles Glasses 445nm 405nm 532nm | eBay I want to get a 1.5-2W Blue 445nm Laser, and a member said they would. If i could figure out how to link his profile for the help, i would, lol. Thanks Buttonzz Just wanted to make sure before i bought them.
  2. JReeeVe

    Xbox 360 | XBL | Who plays?

    Anybody here play xbox? Xbox live? Call of Duty? :D I am new her, i have no idea what kind of people use this forum.
  3. JReeeVe

    New Here(Sorta :D)

    Hey guys. I made this account, gosh, i don't know.. Around 4 or 5 months ago i bet. I was never active, i simply made this so i could purchase from here, but i am going to become an active member. I will be purchasing a laser shortly here, but i want to gain some knowledge and all first. This...