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    kill fund for NEW NICHIA 440nm-455nm 3.5w 9mm Laser Diode

    I would like to start a kill fund for this new diode if we all put in a little we can see what this diode will do! I will start it off with a $100. Just give what you can $1 or $5 all will help .I have spent thousands doing test, I need help! I hope there are more people out there that would...
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    Worlds most powerful handheld visible lase

    Worlds most powerful visible handheld laser making it fit on a AR15 lower hit 15.4W videos of how it works! AR15 15w 445nm laser gun world record for handheld laser rifle - YouTube video of it cutting steel spring,The video is not that good working on get a better video and will try to...
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    taking my 6w 445nm and adding a 1w red

    Working on a 7w 445nm blue and 650nm red laser handheld laser see start of the it. Working on7w 445nm blue/red 650nm laser - YouTube
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    40W+ 445nm laser kit

    I got most of the parts to make the 40W+ 445nm here is a must see video of kit will try to get some prices up soon 40W+ 445nm laser kit most powerful handheld laser in the world - YouTube hope to get video of it working soon and on A LPM
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    looking for help on web site.

    looking for help on web site. need help making banner /logo http://mostpowerfullasers.com/ can some one ? Rick Trent 423-839-4739 ricktrent4@yahoo.com
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    laser and cubes 2 max 445nm handheld laser module

    I am working on this and just thought people would like to see it as it comes a long ,so please be patient. I will have photos up soon and video showing how it all works!!!!! the 3 screw and spring system make it easy to line up.It a push and pull system 0 0 0 moving the top 2...
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    Rick Trent laser kits 3w 445nm

    Laser kit for sale 1W to 3W all kit come with free safety glasses charger and batteries USA only new module and some new host see video new module 3.5w 445nm and 1.2W 638nm to 650nm test - YouTube 3w 445nm black or gray kit $199 free shipping in the USA out side USA $35 with Insurance 3w...