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  1. snotygoble

    You're Welcome...

    You're Welcome...
  2. snotygoble

    pics 2013 #8

    Amazing Shots..:gj: S
  3. snotygoble

    You're Welcome wont be the last :-)

    You're Welcome wont be the last :-)
  4. snotygoble

    You think lasers are a for fun?

    G'day all.. Yes I'm a "newb" here and with all due respect I really can't see the problem at all with overstating Safety, (at least Someone else is concerned about your eyes) I find it worrying the way some of the Youtube Vid's show devices being waved around. Great forum...
  5. snotygoble

    The insides of those small laser keychains?

    They are sold freely here in Oz and we have a 1mw Law therefore I would assume less than to 1mw. Cheers S
  6. snotygoble

    FS: Star Trek Phaser 'Hot' Option! Or, Individual Parts...

    In a word " Brilliant " :beer: Cheers S