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  1. Tabish

    445nm 1W laser SOLD

    Here's a nice laser i just put together. SOLD. -445nm A-140 diode -Aurora SH-032 chrome host -Large copper heatsink -Microboost set at 1A -"Hydra" focus ring. -445nm coated glass aixiz lens -Uses 18650 battery Battery not included, but ill give it for free IF REQUESTED. This might increase...
  2. Tabish

    m11x worth it ?

    I just ordered the m11x 2 days ago. Then yesterday I read articles about the GT 400m series graphics chips coming out for notebooks. The m11x has a gt335m. Should I cancel and wait ? The one I ordered has a Core i7 ULV, 4GB. Got the sales rep to drop the price on 1 year accidental warranty...
  3. Tabish

    Goddamn aftermarket HIDs...

    Anyone else been getting pissed of by them lately ?? I'm really starting to hate HIDs on cars.... The stock ones are fine, its those morons who put overpowered ones in their car and aim em too high. Totally washes out the side/rear mirrors...friggin blinding... Even worse is when these...
  4. Tabish

    Gtx 280 SOLD

    SOLD Asking price, $150 + shipping I know this isn't laser related so please forgive me. It will however help me fund my next laser :P My GTX 280 died. BFG sent me a replacement, it just arrived today. I however bought a different card during the RMA process and do not need the GTX 280...
  5. Tabish

    How to extract A-140 diodes from projector ?

    Like the title says. How do I extract diodes from the laser array ? This video shows it's easy to take out the array itself : YouTube - XJ-A140 445nm Laser Array Is it difficult to get the diodes out from the heatsink ? Are they glued in ? They must surely be soldered in.
  6. Tabish

    SOLD!!! AA-sized A-140 445nm Laser for sale.

    SOLD!!! What I have here is a GREAT little AA sized laser. It feels great, is VERY light. But DON'T be fooled by the "little" design. It's got a good heatsink and great internals. I'm pretty sure it's the MOST powerful laser here FOR IT'S WEIGHT/SIZE. :lasergun: Asking price: $250, but feel...
  7. Tabish

    pew pew

    Laser used to shoots down planes - Telegraph
  8. Tabish

    POLL: BAN high power laser sales to the general public?

    EDIT: ONLY talking about premade pointers like WL Arctic. Buying parts / diodes / DIY kits doesn't count. As cool as lasers pointers are... -The output powers are skyrocketing -The prices are skydiving This is a recipe for disaster... As soon as people around the world get their...
  9. Tabish

    445 done

    EDIT: Drlava confirmed that the continuity (less than 1ohm resistance) between diode - and batt - is normal. Never hurts to be carefull. Driver: Microboost @ 950mA Diode: 445nm A140 Battery: 14500 Host: Silver Romisen Result: Aixiz Acrylic lens melted IMMEDIATELY. I noticed right away due to...
  10. Tabish

    Driver help. EDIT: It works fine.

    EDIT: I was wrong (and too cautious) to be alarmed by the continuity test. Drlava confirmed less than 1ohm resistance is to be expected between diode - and batt -. Laser works fine. Will post beam shots when 445 lens arrives, in 445 section. Will be up for sale soon.
  11. Tabish

    Correct wiring for 445nm / MicroBoost ?

    Is this correct ? Picasa Web Albums - 10280617133469334...
  12. Tabish

    Customs opened package

    Well, I received my host from DX today for my 445 build. Surprisingly, it was opened by customs. This is the first time anything has been opened by them. Anyone else in Canada had their stuff checked ?? I was considering ordering the Arctic but I'm hesitating now... EDIT: Actually, I still...
  13. Tabish

    Anyone tried these modules ?

    445nm 405nm Laser Module Housing- no lens 10.5 mm dia. - eBay (item 380250286799 end time Jul-19-10 00:02:06 PDT) Anyone tried them yet ? Seems like they are not focusable, but that might be a good thing for making blue pointers. EDIT: They also have the "knurled" type. This is obviously...
  14. Tabish

    Pulsed driver ?

    According to HIMNL9, the 140 is run at 1.84A pulsed in the projector. Are there any drivers capable of replicating this? I mean, why not just have our pointers be pulsed ? Also, he found that it's run at a MAX of 8.3ms / 120hz / 80% duty cycle. Is 1.84A pulsed with 80% duty cycle = 1.47A CW...
  15. Tabish

    Voltage / current draw

    What voltage would a 140 be running at if the micro boost is set to 1A. Need to know because I want to calculate the current draw at battery so I can estimate battery life. EDIT: So assuming the diode uses 4.4V @ 1A and the driver efficiency is 80%: Its pulling 5.5W from the battery. Which...
  16. Tabish

    Diodes for sale

    I have the following diodes for sale: SF-AW 210 6X bluray (x1) PHR bluray (x1) LPC-815 Red Sled(x1) EDIT: MUST SELL. I don't have a reason to keep these nor the time. Already sold of my other laser related stuff. The two 6X diodes are totally clean, never touched. Bought them from modwerx...
  17. Tabish

    Looking for cheap laser safety glasses (455 nm)

    Just like the title says. Anyone got something cheap? Something like those lightly tinted yellow ones would be nice. With a 1W blue around (soon), I not only value my eyes but the eyes of my friends /family too. So if anyone has a good deal (I remember reading $7 / pair somewhere), I will buy...
  18. Tabish

    My 445 build plan

    So I decided to build a 445 before buying one from WL (if ever). This is mainly because I trust myself/LPF more than wickedlasers and their spyder. It's also too big... (that's what she said hehe) So I just want to know if the following will work together: -A-140 diode from Dave -This Host...
  19. Tabish

    A-130 vs A-140 vs A-150 vs (insert future 445 diode)

    Just like the title says. Anyone know if there is a difference between the diodes ? Or are they the same diodes being fed different current or changing the number of diodes in the array in each projector. Maybe someone who has both type of diodes can tell us if they spot a visual difference...
  20. Tabish

    More stuff for sale

    I looked around and found more stuff collecting dust. See the picture. Included: -4 Extracted Diodes (I THINK 2 of these are 6X aw210 405nm) Others are PHRs 405nm. 1 of these, 6x i think, is already in Igors heatsink. The other, probably a PHR, is inside the front end of an aixiz module. I...