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  1. Philipnzw

    Lightly Weatherproofed/Waterproofed 505nm <100mW build

    I have always wonder about waterproofing lasers. I never really attempted it because i didn't want to lose a diode unnecessarily. However given that i just killed 2 perfectly good 638nm reds, i was feeling a bit crazy and decided to risk losing a sharp 505nm this time. Somehow, things worked out...
  2. Philipnzw

    Failure analysis help for Sharp 700mW 638nm

    Hey folks, i just recently LED-ed a sharp 700mW 638nm diode. :confused: Its quite odd to me since it has been functioning well for 1 week, without any issues. I ran it at 650mA using an AMC7135 based LED driver. It just died all of a sudden. After a bit of checking, it seems like there could...
  3. Philipnzw

    Sharp 1.6w 450nm build in 14500 stainless steel flashlight host.

    It has been 1 year+ since i joined LPF, damn time flies. I still vividly remember seeing jayrob's stainless steel flashlight builds when i first opened my account here, and how in love i was with the smaller form factor builds. After many trial and errors over the year, i now present to you all...
  4. Philipnzw

    Super tiny boost driver for greens.

    I found this Taobao around the end of 2019. It really intrigued me due to its small size and specifications. And better yet, it costs lest than 1 USD per driver :D According to the spec sheet, it takes anywhere from 2-7V input, and outputs 6.8V. It is designed to deliver 280mA...
  5. Philipnzw

    Finally in the 1 watt green club

    Thought that i would share my little project here. Around Feb of this year i ordered a brass host from Tomsk, and a NUGM03 + buck driver from Trinh. Then the corona virus hit and everything was in a mess. Long story short i had to wait extra long to get the host. But now the project is...
  6. Philipnzw

    Looking for Information on Random Lasers

    Hi all, i am looking for information on random lasers. The reason behind this is because I am planning to do research related to random lasers for my final year project (Chemistry Degree). Currently, my plan is to embed ZnO nanoparticles in PMMA, forming a colloid that can potentially be...
  7. Philipnzw

    505nm forest green 14500 sized build.

    So after killing my sharp 505nm diode a couple weeks back, i decided to just bite the bullet and go for another one. This time i set my sights on a stainless steel 14500 flashlight host from Taobao and searched endlessly for a heatsink that might be able to fit it. Here are the things needed for...
  8. Philipnzw

    Need input on host ideas

    Hey folks, a newbie here. Need someone to help check if my ideas are valid. I have 2 host build ideas and I need someone to "fact check" if i have got things right. First build is a small 10440 cell host. It is a 12mm*87mm stainless steel host. The main problem i have with this host is of...
  9. Philipnzw

    Hello from Malaysia

    Hey folks my name is Philip and i'm from Malaysia. Back around 2010 or earlier, i discovered the world of lasers. I remember watching styropyro, lazeerer, tunedcavitylasers and always longed for owning/ DIY-ing some lasers. Years pass and i wouldn't do much about this low key passion of mine, at...