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  1. Yoshi1988

    Help with nubm44

    Hey so for some reason my nubm44 has a lot of splash and almost a double beam.. It doesn't burn as well and even with different lenses it still produces almost like 2 side by side beams instead of 1 solid beam.. Any help or information as to why this may be happening is greatly appreciated.
  2. Yoshi1988

    G9 vs G2

    Ok so I need your guys help.. I have a Nubm44 and it currently has a G2 lens on it... I was wondering how this laser would be with a g9? Would I get more power out of the G9? And also would it make the divergence better, worse or stay the same? Any help is greatly appreciated.. Thanks
  3. Yoshi1988

    NubM07E help.

    So I was wondering if anyone has tried a G3 lens with this diode (NubM07E)? I see that at 4.5amps this diode is making about 5Watts with a g2 lens.. Does anyone know what kinda power it would make with a g3?
  4. Yoshi1988

    7 Watt fun

    Here's a video of my nubm44 (focused out) supercharging my dogs glow in the dark toy.
  5. Yoshi1988

    Lens question

    Hey guys... I have a nubm44 in a s4x host from survival lasers with just a regular focus adapter... I'm currently using a g2 but would like to improve my divergence.. First off would I be better off with a g7? And then if you think a g7 would be best where could I buy one that I can just screw...
  6. Yoshi1988

    Lighting a match 40 feet away.

    Just wanted to show you guys my 1 watt 405nm laser. He's a little video of it instantly lighting a match from 40 feet away.. I would have tried from further, and I'm sure it would have easily done it but I ran out of room.
  7. Yoshi1988

    IR question

    Does anyone know the difference between a 808nm a 980nm and a 1064nm dpss? What one has better divergence? Does anyone know what one of these could burn from a further distance?
  8. Yoshi1988

    1 Watt 638nm from outer space

    Here is my new laser that came from mars lol.. It's a 1 watt 638nm.
  9. Yoshi1988

    Buying lenses.

    Does anyone know where I can purchase a g7 and or g9 lens?
  10. Yoshi1988

    Class 4's galore.

  11. Yoshi1988


    Can anyone tell me where I can purchase a 2 watt 532nm? I really want one but have no clue where I can get one.
  12. Yoshi1988


    Does anyone know where I can find a data sheet for the NUBM08E diode? And if not does anyone know anything about this diode? What is the absolute max for amps? What's the most power you can safely push out of this diode? How is the divergence? Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks guys.
  13. Yoshi1988

    Worlds brightest laser.

    Here's a little video of my 520nm... This laser might not be my most powerful laser but man this thing is bright.
  14. Yoshi1988

    Diode question

    Does anyone know what diode could pop a balloon from the furthest distance. Would a 7875 be best or is there something better?
  15. Yoshi1988

    20 foot balloon line.

    Here I am using my 4.7W 470nm to pop a balloon line 20 feet long. I used colored balloons as well.
  16. Yoshi1988

    Combined 17 Watts.

    Here I have 5 lasers with a combined power of 17 Watts all in action together. 1.6W 445nm Sanwu 4.7W 466nm Alien Lasers 7.3W 450nm Alien Lasers 1.4W 520nm Alien Lasers 1.9W 470nm Alien Lasers
  17. Yoshi1988

    INSANE 520nm.

    Here's a video of my 1.4 Watt 520nm from Alien Laser lighting a match from 20 feet away.
  18. Yoshi1988

    Nubm44 tip.

    If you are looking at getting a 7 watt take my advice and DO NOT use a G2 lens... I did a test from 20 feet away using a 3 Element lens and then a G2 lens. 3 Element divergence was... 1 3/8 inch. G2 Lens divergence was..... 3 1/4 inch. Sure you will get a bit more power out of the G2 but...
  19. Yoshi1988

    Need some expertise

    Can anyone tell me about the nubm47-a1 vs the nubm44? I know you can get a bit more power out of the 47 but how is the divergence? Is it horrible like the 44 or is it better?
  20. Yoshi1988

    7 Watt cuts metal.