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  1. trinh hong phuoc

    1,6W 525nm green laser diode

    I GOT one and test,it really iss 1,6W ,i think it can reach 1,7W or more,but it i exxpensive so i don't want burn money these iss some bit diffirent between it and nugm03 the left iss 1,6w right iss nugm03
  2. trinh hong phuoc

    Some my host and my build in this time

    JUST SHOW IT!!!!:D:D:D
  3. trinh hong phuoc

    100W laser pointer-

    Hi everyone -i done this laser 1 weel ago -it use NUBM31T brand new laser diode 95W 455m -driver input 12V -output is 3A 85V -i use fan to make heatsink better,you can hear when you see video -laser have a key lock,1 switch turn laser and other turn fan Now i will show you some detail pics,video...
  4. trinh hong phuoc

    10440/18350/18650/26650 host, familiar design

    I build host depend customer,so have version look familiar,but only diffirent material
  5. trinh hong phuoc

    SELL! BLue laser and sky BLue with Great price

    Hi everry one I have 2 laser for sale 1. 6,4w 450nm blue laser,use 2x 26650 baterries or 18650 2 . 4w 465nm nubm07 sly blue laser use 2x 18650 baterries PRICE FOR LASER: DROP ONLY ONE DAY!!!!! 6.4W 450nm : 230$ dow to 169$ only in 2/22/2019 4W 465 nm : 260$ dow to 199$ only in...
  6. trinh hong phuoc

    New Osram Diode PLPT5-450KA

    Hi,i just got some new diode PLPT5-450KA it is new osram blue diode it look same pltb-450b but difirrent about power,divergence,current and same wavelength here is 2 picture for it,i think it not necessary but no have picture is boring,:LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL: some my testing and result: sweet...
  7. trinh hong phuoc

    Some version laser and host i will selling

    1/Titannium mix copper host us 1x 21700 price is 110$+shipping price for green 1,2w 525 nm is 200$ price for 6,5-7w 450nm is 230$ price for 4w 465nm is 215$ 2/Titanium mix copper host 2x 18350 or 1x 18650 price is 110$_shipping with host 200$ with 1,2w 525nm 230$ with 7w 450nm some other...
  8. trinh hong phuoc

    Some my laser,host,flashlight,ect

    Hi everyone,this is some my laser and host in this time,some is Al mix Brass,other is titanium,copper mix i still sell laser and host,but this thread is show my job,not for sell thanks All this is steel mix brass blue 4W 465-470nm use nubm07 set at 3,8A with G2-G8 pair lens this is my laser...
  9. trinh hong phuoc

    Some my new host

    it is my new host in this time have 2 hosts use 2x 18650 and a host use single 18650\ this is some pictures Thank all
  10. trinh hong phuoc

    NEW Sharp diode-500-700mw

    Hi,i just got sone sharp diode green 520nm -600mw drivergence is same NUGMOx,ndg700/7575/7475 power is less than 700mw and max current is 1,6A(suggestion) i will show LPM test soon
  11. trinh hong phuoc

    Sell !! green laser 750-1000mw 525nm

    Hi,i want sell this laser,it use nugm03 diode in a copper module aixiz, boost driver i set at 1,65A power depend on lens and baterry here is some pictures and short video price is 110$+shipping
  12. trinh hong phuoc

    Some My host!!!!!!!!

    Hi every one Updates some my newest work!!!!!! Copper host use 21700/20700/18650 host brass use 10440 host Have a nice days all my friend
  13. trinh hong phuoc

    Some my laser and host

    This is some my work #1 2 steel flashlight and laser(304 steel) #2 is my steel-brass mix host-cyan color #3 is titannium-copper mix host #4 is moster mix steel-brass-copper heatsink #6 is my pen laser 638nm
  14. trinh hong phuoc

    pen laser for sale

    Hello everyone I have some pen host use 10440 baterry for sale,i also can put any color if you like,power under 1w is fine Price for 515nm 5-100mw is 60$ ----for cyan 490mw 120mw is 88$ ----for 638nm 700-1000mw is 70$ ----for violet 1w -1,3w is 80$ ---- for green 700mw 525nm is 110$ ---- for...
  15. trinh hong phuoc

    Green laser for Sale!!!

    Hi All i have some green laser for sale Laser use Nuggm03 diode,driver set at 2A,use g2 lens(you also can choose G7 or G8),host is c8 + can use 21700 and 18650 baterry i have 2 options for laser,can use 3x beam and can't, for laser can use 3x beam,price is 140$ for laser can't use,price is...
  16. trinh hong phuoc

    520nm 135mw sharp diode test

    Hi,i also got sharp diode with blue together have time to test it,it is nice green laser diode,it can reach 250mw at 550ma,cool this is picture and video
  17. trinh hong phuoc

    NDB7775 2,9w 450nm diode

    I got 2 last week ,now,i hyave time to test it See datasheet,i think i same ndb7875,not sure this is my ptictures and result i set driver at 2A and 2,2 A power can reach 2,89 with sanwu G2 lens and 2,93W with DTR G-2 lens
  18. trinh hong phuoc

    Review my new LPM,cheap and not bad

    Hi everyone,i received a LPM on aliexxpress,it is 250$ included shipping,it is listed is 10mw-50W powermeter A package has 2 adappter,a sensor,a heatsink link on sensor , a display board and a USB wire to connect with Computer here and some pictures I would evaluate the quality over time, but...
  19. trinh hong phuoc

    Some new custom build ,pics and video

    i done some laser todays i want to share it,tell me how do you feel about it First is my custom brass 2w 450nm,it use 18350 baterry Second is 488nm-60mw in 18650 custom host Third is 4w 450nm in MAGLITE host use 2x 14500 baterry Enjoy it and have a nice weekend
  20. trinh hong phuoc

    SELL!! my custom flashlight laser

    Hey everyone,today i want sell some laser i finish today All of them have reverse polarity, I noticed many new members get this error, so I did .But for lasers use 2 batteries, you must use a battery with a convex head this is link my video: 1. 1W 525nm green laser in sofirn SF37 host,laser...