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  1. dieselmarine

    I'm back...With my version of the Ironman Palm laser!

    Sup Guys, Sorry I've been MIA for so long... But I'm back now! I put my hobbies to the side for a little while, so I could devote my time to my new car mods. I got a few of my mods done, so I decided to pick up my trusty soldering iron and rummage through my parts bin. This is what I came up...
  2. dieselmarine

    DieselMarine's New Ride!

    Sup Guys , Its been a while since my last post ..I've been very busy lately, but I wanted to show you guys my new whip. It's a 2012 Audi A4 S line, her name is "Black Betty". She's turbocharged, also equipt with the legendary "Quattro" All wheel drive system. Computer was flashed...
  3. dieselmarine

    Iron Man Mark II Arc Reactor De-anodize Saik 445nm

    Sup Guys, I'm in love with this laser, it's so beautiful IMO! I was going for the Mark II Arc Reactor look...from Iron Man! I used the stock Saik driver to power up the smd led ring, so it still has the stock high/low/and pulse modes. The A140 445nm diode is driven by a Micro Boost drive...
  4. dieselmarine

    New 445nm laser with a ergonomic rubber grip

    This laser feels so good in your hand... it's just ergonomically correct. It has a very nice solid feel and weight to it. IMO looks really cool especially with the ez focus adapter.... :drool: Diode: A140 445mn Host LED flashlight, 3x 5mm 0.5 watt white leds Heatsink: Aurora SH-032 Heat...
  5. dieselmarine

    Mini MXDL 445nm laser

    Sup Guys, This is a really cool little laser.... Diode: A140 445nm Host: Mini MXDL 1watt Led flashlight Heatsink: Mohrenberg Power Supply: 1 x 3.7 volt 14500 Driver:FlexDrive v5 set @ 600mA Lense: Aixiz Glass lense It's pushing 502mW's :beer:
  6. dieselmarine

    New Style Dorcy Jr 12x with custom Tritium inlay Focus Adapter

    Host: New style Dorcy Jr Heatsink: Two piece, machined by Ehgemus Diode: LG bh12ls38 12X Driver Set @ 600mA mW's: 880mW Lense: Jayrob 405-G-1 Battery: 3.7 volt 16340 Spiderfire 1000mah Custom Tritium Inlay focus adapter machined by Flaminpyro (Great Work) and I also added my...
  7. dieselmarine

    De-anodized Wicked Lasers Torch

    Supp Guys, So I decide to de-anodize my Torch to give it a different look. The brushed aluminium finish IMO is much better looking! I might even have one of you guys polish it for me...anyone up for this task? Let me know what you guys think. Thanks for looking...
  8. dieselmarine

    (F/S or Trade) Awesome little LED PK 301 Pico Projector

    This unit is brand new. It sells in the store for average $350.00 i've even seen it for $389.99. This projector is awesome. There are no scratches...the unit is in mint condition. It comes with everything you see in the picture. Here are some specs.. Projects up to 120 feet Universal I/0 port...
  9. dieselmarine

    (Trade) New Optoma Pk301 Pico Pocket Projector!

    If any of you guys are interested..I'm looking to trade this new pico LED projector its worth $400 . I would like in return 3x hosts 3x drivers and 3x heatsinks. Thanks -Sarge
  10. dieselmarine

    LED Daytime Running lights on my VW CC

    Sup Guys, I installed them in about 20 minutes..They practically popped right in place where the signal markers were.. with a little sanding from my dremel. The signals were relocated to the little triangles that you see in the picture.What do you guys think...
  11. dieselmarine

    My homemade Audi Nikes

    Sup, I know I've been away for a while...but I'm back now! My job with the FDNY is Great. I have some time now for my hobbies..:D When I was training I really had no time for myself. Anyway I'm sure most of you guys know what the Audi day time running lights look like by now and I'm in...
  12. dieselmarine

    F/S Pocket L.E.D Optoma PK301 projector $250.00

    This unit is brand new. It sells in the store for average $350.00 i've even seen it for $389.99. This projector is awesome. There are no scratches...the unit is in mint condition. It comes with everything you see in the picture. Here are some specs.. Projects up to 120 feet Universal I/0 port...
  13. dieselmarine

    F/S LG 12BH sled with 12x diode

    I just harvested these 12x sleds from their drives. They're brand new out the box! Great deal $75.00 each shipped Happy Holidays! -Sarge
  14. dieselmarine

    DieselMarine's >1 watt 445nm build

    Sup Guys, Diode: a140 Host: Ultrafire WF- 503c Heat sink: FlaminPyro, Thanks Jeff! Flexdrive: set @ 1300mA Lense: G 1 Battery: 18650 3000mah This build is very simular to my "Guardian Angel"....I really like this host, it has a nice solid tactial feel to it. Plus the utility bezel...
  15. dieselmarine

    Slim PS3 with 2 games+gaming camera+HDMI

    Great deal (Slim PS3 barely used Very clean......with NBA live and Call of Duty Also a playstation gaming webcam and a free HDMI cable) ALL ONLY FOR $200 Thanks -Sarge
  16. dieselmarine

    F/S White Fusion Kit and Firemylaser driver!!

    Whats up guys, I have a White Fusion kit for $120 and I have the driver built by Firemylaser set @ RED 391mA GREEN 449mA BLU-RAY/BLUE 309ma for $50 this driver has never been used still packed the way it came from Fire my Laser...
  17. dieselmarine

    (((SOLD))) FS Marine Built 445nm >1 Watt laser!

    Sup Guys, I have a very nice >1 Watt 445nm laser up for grabs.... Host: Ultrafire C1 Diode: A140 Driver: Flex drive set@1.5A Lense: Aixiz Glass Heatsink: Aluminum Power Supply: 18650 Kit includes: Laser, 2x18650 batteries, charger, Glow in the dark heatsink aperture, and a glowing...
  18. dieselmarine

    My new "Guardian Angel" 445nm 750mW Laser!

    Wow is all I have to say....:drool: This beast looks, feels, and performs amazing!!! Host: C1 UltraFire with assault crown. Heatsink by Mohrenberg Diode: A140 445nm Driver: Micro boost drive set @ 785mA Lense: Aixiz 445nm glass lense. :wtf: costum tritium focus adapter thanks FlaminPyro...
  19. dieselmarine

    WTB Arctic Spyder lll !!!

    Anyone interested in selling me there Spyder lll G2....Pm me, thanks -Sarge
  20. dieselmarine

    XJ-A140 diode trade for 4x DDL drivers

    I am looking for 4 ddl drivers. 2 capable of 1000mA and 2 capable of 350mA. I would like them to be adjustable, I will be using these ddl drivers in labby's. Anyone interested just pm me!