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  1. Snecho

    Which Laser Should I get?

    Considering you posted in the Green Laser sub-forum, I assume you want a green laser??
  2. Snecho

    RGB+CV Laser

    DTR's shop is currently being run by @aug. Try sending him a PM, he replied to my lens question within hours.
  3. Snecho

    Sanwu pockets, and 303 beams.

    Shoot, those new photos actually look amazing! You say "low effort" but I think those look really cool. Well done.
  4. Snecho

    Project for beginner

    Hey, hope you've been safe with the pandemic. Still waiting on parts? :)
  5. Snecho

    Sanwu pockets, and 303 beams.

    I'll be looking forward to them! Last couple tips worth mentioning, I just noticed the Thor H2 you have in your signature is labeled "3w". Much like mW is the correct term for millawatts, capitol W is for Watts, So 3W for example. I assume you've been using the "Attach files" button to upload...
  6. Snecho

    Sanwu pockets, and 303 beams.

    P.P.S.- You can quote multiple people in one reply instead of double posting. Click reply to quote one post and write your response, then just click reply to another post and you can respond to that one too.
  7. Snecho

    Sanwu pockets, and 303 beams.

    Good luck with it. I tried finding exposure on my phone but there's no straightforward way to do it. Really wish I knew more about photography, I'd love to shoot some artistic photos but everything I take looks like crap aha 😃
  8. Snecho

    Sanwu pockets, and 303 beams.

    Damn, that's amazing
  9. Snecho

    Sanwu pockets, and 303 beams.

    These look surprisingly well. Did you use fog and/or long exposure time? Is it from a cellphone?
  10. Snecho

    Hello Everybody!

    Hey hak, do you know if SELEM has officially been canceled for 2020? Also, there's one on a cruise ship?? Wow.
  11. Snecho

    Hello Everybody!

    Best of luck to you on your laser journey! You probably already know this by now, but It's always important to be safety conscious, I hope you have the proper laser safety goggles for those really nice lasers. Stay safe and happy lasing!
  12. Snecho

    Faulty Laser Diode? Or did I fry it...

    Hmmm, could be. I've mostly seen XT60 connectors on surface vehicles such as buggies and trucks, but I guess they have been getting more and more popular. I guess you're into R/C too? :love: As you can see, I'm more used to blue EC3 and little red JST connectors lol
  13. Snecho

    7W 450 nm handheld build

    So like a built-in beam expander?
  14. Snecho

    Dragon Laser Viper Series

    Do you mean you cleaned the diode window??
  15. Snecho

    Faulty Laser Diode? Or did I fry it...

    Glad you got it worked out! I'm curious about why you have and are using a Zippy Li-Po pack. Are you into R/C?
  16. Snecho

    wtb sanwu rbg

    I had a similar experience with liionwholesale.com, but they never gave me any coupon codes LOL. Anyway, thanks for sharing, this is great news!
  17. Snecho

    Is this laser any good?

    Ding dong, the spammers dead! And excellent points + explanation by Philipzw for OP and otherwise anyone looking to learn the "truth" about certain companies... Maybe time to lay this thread to rest :)
  18. Snecho

    wtb sanwu rbg

    Dang, I had no idea. How did you find out?
  19. Snecho

    wtb sanwu rbg

    Sanwu has an LPF discount??
  20. Snecho

    eye protection from laser weapons

    Surprised someone took the bait but, ehh