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  1. hakzaw1

    help finding a thread/post---FOUND TY

    it was recently the OP wrote that he had gotten lot of laser gear of which he had no clues. in garage- & i dont recall where they were located. He had not yet posted any pics but afaik he will. He mentioned a HUGE ally plate.. later i was thinking about his post and thought that MYB it was...
  2. hakzaw1

    What can happen to you....

    'Borrowed this from Mr Murphy and his site laserpointersafety.com my point is-- there is no early release or parole when you get charged in Federal court.. no good time- Here is what happened to this guy: On December 5 2017, a Pasco (Florida) County Sheriff's Office helicopter was...
  3. hakzaw1

    HEADS UP New Jersey members

    New member-'Golden Duck'- join me in a BIG LPF welcome--no need to post here except for a bump. Post here instead https://laserpointerforums.com/threads/hi-im-new-here.107038/#post-1584852 I feel he will be a good fit for us... hak
  4. hakzaw1

    Lost thread and why these seems to be a LOT of necro-posting lately..

    First the necros... If you scroll down there is 10 or so thread titles or ads for stuff being sold. I 'thinks' the ones linking to LPF threads are chosen at random. Lots of them are quite old and posting in some WOULD be a necro. I have necro posted myself because I failed to read the OP date as...
  5. hakzaw1

    Re-purpose, recycle, reuse---'MAKE'-do not throw it all away.

    I noticed many new 'how-to' vids at YTUBE... Search and you will lots of helpful vids. I had just found two more sweepers on the sidewalk--One Hoover and one Bissel. I already had a few--TIME make a harvest!!! First to work on was the cord re=winder. a bit of rewiring --add a place to...
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  7. hakzaw1

    Face Book email prank/scam--- READ this - at least do not open any links that appear to be from me'-

    I got it in March and never opened the FB messg from LPF buddy til today- he got tricked and so 'they' used his FB name to email me and I fell for the ruse-- it had ' ' think' I saw you in a video-- impressive-- confirm?' it does not open afaik I tried twice-- got with the sender and he did not...
  8. hakzaw1

    Feeler for Jetlasers Group buy #11 NOW ONGOING!! post your choices and comments TYVM

    UPDATE-- PRICES ARE LISTED ON POST #2 SORRY is looks now like the 2020 Holiday Coupon is not valid for the Group Buy IF this changes will let all know ASAP. update woot- 2020 coupon can be used woot!!! reply asap. Looking for buyers of the Pro PL-E Mini and its 10X BE , but anything JL sells...
  9. hakzaw1


    I have seen this one with two slightly different 'questions'. I know both...do you?? Which locks open 'everything.' or which lock or locks allow access to the hitch. we dont know if all locks are keyed the same?.., or what is meant by 'opens' or 'everything'
  10. hakzaw1

    Seasons greetz to ALL

    .and blessed 2020== now having '2020 hindsight' takes on a whole meaning.
  11. hakzaw1

    Jonus--new member from Germany

    Send him a welcome here: https://laserpointerforums.com/threads/hey-im-the-new-member.104679/ no need to post here... most do not know why we should post locations in the title of our 'intro'. Sadly this new forum does not show our locations below our avatars EVERY time we post. So getting...
  12. hakzaw1

    Welcome to new member 'ManCave' in LONDON.

    I hope he becomes a great asset to LPF. Please greet him and get him to make the next UKLEM-- hak
  13. hakzaw1

    Heads up DELAWARE MEMBERS--new guy GUS

    Send him some greets and put him on your invite list for any LEMs see thread.. 'Just saying Hello'
  14. hakzaw1

    HEADS UP CAL Members

    new member Matt-- plz invite him to any LEMs out there-- https://laserpointerforums.com/threads/introducing-me.105170/
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    did i do dat??
  17. hakzaw1

    WHY so many 'necro posts' lately.

    I think I know why..near the top we see thread titles IN BLUE. I do not know how these are chosen BUT this is NOT done by a human. Some are >10 yrs old-- members (not just new ones) see these and post w/o looking at several posts for dates AND/ OR the OP DATE(or Mother post). This could not...
  18. hakzaw1

    Veterans and Memorial Days- and SELEM and members no longer with us.

    Veterans Day and Memorial Day Some may ask why we have both. Memorial Day honors fallen warroirs who paid the supreme sacrifice of losing thier lives while protecting ours. (Or later from injuries while serving or perhaps passed for other reasons) FROM the web ''Memorial Day is a day of...
  19. hakzaw1

    Roadside Hero LED 9 function anyone seen in person?

    https://www.amazon.com/Tactical-Multi-Function-Emergency-Flashlight-Emergencies/dp/B07D8YKRKH Tactical Black ROADSIDE RESCUER 9-IN-1 Multi-Function Solar Powered Car Emergency Flashlight Tool with Window Breaker, Seat Belt Cutter, Compass &... Can be used a PS (for cellfone music player etc)...
  20. hakzaw1

    A bit overkill-- BUT if you have a saltwater fish tank. check this out

    Just sent a brand new 450 Pl-E Pro to a member and while its way too big.. that is better than too low output to do the job of zapping those unwanted critters that can be bad for your tank(s) I dont thank anyone was/is TOTALLY prepared to realize how big PL-Es are!! Possible biggest /longest...