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    micro boostdrive vs flexdrive from 18650 driving 445nm LD

    Hey guys sorry for bringing this back up but I can't seem to find any other thread like this... anyways I was wondering which chip exactly needs to be heatsinked. I'm a noob so it won't be much help if you guys say a chipp number etc. Can you show me which one by photo or something like that...
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    Help me please... Issue here

    Btw the negative sides are pointing towards the resistor... and I can't check right now because my batteries are dead. Thanks though and since the resistor isn't heating up I think something else is wrong possibly
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    Help me please... Issue here

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    Help me please... Issue here

    I'm sorry Anselm, I know I'm a noob, but hey I'm trying. The multimeter is set to 200 millivolts. I don't know if the circuit is complete, but it should be because I got the diodes and resistor connected to the driver fully, but for some reason the resistor doesn't heat up... And can I...
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    Help me please... Issue here

    Its set at 200M and I put the probes in between the resistor like so +o+ the o is the resistor and downward lines are the probes
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    Help me please... Issue here

    BTW I tried the other way too... same issue I wonder why...
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    Help me please... Issue here

    Hey, so I got my driver hooked up to a power source (2 10440 batteries) for a 405nm diode, and I got the test load hooked up (resistor to positive output and negative to first diode) and I don't know why there isn't a reading on my multimeter. (BTW which setting should I use? 2000m?) anyways...
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    CE defines...?

    Hey, so my question is if goggles have the CE mark on them, does that mean they are 100% legitly certified, or can the CE mark be faked onto the lenses?
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    Mohrenberg's Laser Emporium

    Hey, I was wondering how to remove the plastic pill right below the heatsink. Is it like superglued or...? How should I take it out? Btw I don't have a dremel or anything to drill it out for that matter... I'm talking about the guidesman host. Thx.
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    Consequences of sending from CA to US?

    OK thats nice to know; can someone confirm?
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    Consequences of sending from CA to US?

    Hey, I live in Canada BC, and say that I sold a laser to a guy in the US, and it got confiscated by customs etc. Would I be liable for anything? Would there be a fine for me or any other consequences? And please don't reply saying that the chances are slim; I know. But IN THEORY what would...
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    Lava Micro FlexDrive Driver (lavadrive2) fits pens

    just paid by google checkout-you can ignore the pms I sent ya! Thx :)
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    Lava Micro FlexDrive Driver (lavadrive2) fits pens

    Hey Dr. Lava sent you a pm
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    american_lasers on ebay?

    Really? you guys think hes fraud? Whoops I bought one of his phr diodes and yea I was thinking we was fraud too after waiting 1 month for it to come to CA; still hasn't come... What do you think I should do? I've pmed him a lot and he SEEMS like a legit guy but he said he has shipped it Dec. 12...
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    Unlucky with a dead diode from modwerx.

    Re: Modwerx ripped me off... Sorry for the thread jack, but just so I don't do the same thing with my 445 how do you short out the leads? Also, what else can I do to prevent ESD or electrical buildup?
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    FS: Blue Hotlights Kit - $12.50

    Re: FS:Guidesman 18650 Host+Heatsink $20 Sent you a PM. Just have some questions.
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    FS: Laser Parts

    Hey how much is shipping to Canada? for just the 20' wire?
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    installing LASORB into the circuit

    Ahhhhh finally I understand... Thanks! :bowdown:
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    installing LASORB into the circuit

    Yep I understand that, but am I right about the wires from the diode part? Heres a two second pic I made in paint :whistle: http://i1195.photobucket.com/albums/aa385/warriorx15/crudepics.jpg So Am I right about attaching wires to from the driver?