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    18650 3.7v batteries

    I remember a few years back a member was selling great batteries. I think he might have been from Texas. Anyone know if he is still selling his batteries? I bought a few back then but need a couple more and i don't trust too many people. Is there anywhere else recommended to buy protected 18650...
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    Laser safety goggles ok for Solar Eclipse ?

    Hi everyone, was curious to see what pair of laser safety goggles (if any) would be good enough to watch the solar eclipse this Sunday ?? Any help would be great. I saw somewhere that a welders mask would work but i dont have one. Thanks. edited for my mistake =)
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    laser pens at sporting events

    So, i was just looking on ESPN.com and came across a soccer page with titles bring used. I read this: Real Madrid vs Barcelona 69' -A lot of laser pen nonsense about tonight. Messi had it in his face while taking the penalty and Guardiola while he was stood on the sidelines. Victor Valdes is...
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    TMART - 200mW 532nm (SKU: E00186) $35.86

    So, when i bought this laser from Tmart, i knew they were shady and sold crap. I knew i wasn't going to get a 200mW 532nm from them but i bought one anyways so i could see just how far off the laser is from off from 200mW they actually were. I went to a good friends house to use his LPM. With...
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    What's the best UV flashlight around ??

    So, i have been looking around for different flashlights that are UV. Anyone on here bought a good one recently that you'd recommend to me ?? Any leads will be appreciated. I know there are a ton through google but id be better of using a company that is recommended. Thanks.
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    Do you know anything about this laser ??

    Attacker Series 400mw handheld 532nm DPSS - eBay (item 120679977448 end time Feb-09-11 16:21:34 PST) I just wanted to see if anyone has owned one of these 532nm lasers ?? Is the company reputable ?? Is it a decent laser ?? The website was up and working a few days ago but now it's not...
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    Ultrafire 18650 2400mAh 3.7 battery question

    So, i have a flashlight and a laser that both take this battery. I searched for a decent price and I found them for a good price and got a bunch of them with a charger. My issue, i was sent a blue one (Ultrafire XSL 18650 2400mAh 3.7v) but i ordered silver ones (Ultrafire LC 18650 2400mAh...
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    Airport Security and laser pointers & Miami

    So, i'm still new to LPF and needed to find out some info about traveling with laser pointers. As well, i need to find out what the rules and laws are for laser pointers in Miami. I'm flying from Reno to Miami to work at Ultra Music Festival at the end of March. I wanted to take some of my...
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    Anyone have any good or bad experiences with this company ?? The reason i ask is because i just ordered a set of Ultrafire BRC 22600 2500mAh 3.7v Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries and a UltraFire WF-188 charger for under $32 with shipping. Just wanted to see if this company is as slow as most...
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    Greetings from Reno, Nevada

    So, i stumbled across this site about a week ago and i keep finding myslef coming back here to learn more about lasers in general. I have always loved lasers !! I guess i'd be considered a laser-whore by my friends, LOL. I have been throwing raves for over 10 years and fell in love with lasers...