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  1. Joe Mo

    Addiction problems for me

    78 Days today! feeling good still. I got my lasers down here and loving life. I thought I would check in. I came into treatment on may 10th weighing 160lbs and now I weigh 207 6'1". I've been hitting the gym daily, sometimes twice a day. I'm just doing so well now! thanks guys!
  2. Joe Mo

    Addiction problems for me

    30 days clean today. Also I got a job today at an ad agency. I start out as an unpaid intern and if they like what I do, they start paying me. I'll take what I can get at this point. Plus it will be good for my resume, experience and keep me busy. Things be lookin' up!!
  3. Joe Mo

    Addiction problems for me

    Thanks buddy, where are you at in NJ? Just curious.
  4. Joe Mo

    Addiction problems for me

    Very true, I've got a good support system to help cope now though. Friday the 13th will be 30 days ;)
  5. Joe Mo

    Addiction problems for me

    Thanks Fret, My ex died 6 months ago from an overdose.
  6. Joe Mo

    "My God, it's full of stars."

    Good luck man! I'll pray for you.
  7. Joe Mo

    Higgs Boson Announcement!

    This gives me chills just thinking about it. I'll be patiently waiting. Keep us posted.
  8. Joe Mo

    Addiction problems for me

    Yes I'm feeling fantastic. I have a degree in graphic design and since being down here I now have 4 people paying me 3-500$ each to make their sites. It's so exciting for me to start designing again. I had a bad craving yesterday, I was sitting on the curb out front of my house waiting for...
  9. Joe Mo

    Addiction problems for me

    That's so true, whenever I get a craving to use I just remember how sick I get the next day and how short lived the high is. Also how if I get caught while on probation I'm going straight to prison. side note: I just got back from an AA meeting. We could barely find a parking spot and I was...
  10. Joe Mo

    Addiction problems for me

    20 days sober, doing great, thanks guys.
  11. Joe Mo

    Addiction problems for me

    Thanks for the support guys. I'm done with the detox. They use Suboxone now instead of Methadone. Methadone detox takes several weeks though. I don't want to be on methadone or any other maintenance or harm reduction drug. I'm about 13 days sober now and feel great. As for Ibogane, I know alot...
  12. Joe Mo

    Addiction problems for me

    Hey guys, I haven't posted in a little while. And want to get back into things here I've been a heroin addict for 5 years. Last month I got a felony possession charge. I came into inpatient rehab last month also for 30 days. Right after I got out of jail last month I overdosed and by the time...
  13. Joe Mo

    Looking for a Arctic Host!

    I have an arctic, It's 4 months old. I need money for court costs :/ pm me if interested.
  14. Joe Mo

    450nm Single Mode Laser Porn

    Very nice camera/laser Tom. I'm going to have to get a single mode now :) Can you post some shots of the beam from a users POV? I'd like to see the beam and also a clear picture of the dot. Especially with that camera! good post
  15. Joe Mo

    More lasers vs ipad3

    I Couldn't agree more, I mean... these videos are everywhere. Give the ipod away in a contest at LEAST. That would EASILY generate more of a buzz than this kind of, "almost interesting" cliche "look how much I don't need an iPad because I already have one" suuuuuucks...
  16. Joe Mo

    Broken 400mw O-like, need ideas to fix it

    Well, the spring inside my o-like broke off. I think it was bent when I put in a larger 18650 protected cell. Either way it broke clean off and now there is no contact with the battery. I'm thinking of buying some rare earth magnets and putting them inside? I don't know how to go about doing...
  17. Joe Mo

    How would ancient civilizations have reacted to lasers?

    Either that or the exact opposite. They treat you like a god.
  18. Joe Mo

    How would ancient civilizations have reacted to lasers?

    Dude. You took too much...
  19. Joe Mo

    Building a lab laser

    I'd think 456mah is super high. Not sure though