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    Fulminex lasers

    Has anyone hear of the Fulminex company?. They are selling a few laser pointer models and giving few real details and what seems like exaggerated claims.
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    Focusing problems

    I have a fairly new GX3, 200mw green laser that I bought from Big Lasers. My current guess is that I over-payed for this unit.... It has a strong beam and I don't dispute it's advertised power. The problem I am having is to get it to focus to a focal point. I also have a 3000mw Sanwu blue laser...
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    focusing a Sanwu 445nm, 3000mw

    I just received a Sanwu blue, 445nm, 3000mw laser today. When I focus it, ...it's either a dot or it goes to a large rectangle in either direction very quickly. Is this normal for this laser? With my Dragon Laser 2X beam expander, it reduces it to a nice small beam..... does this laser require...
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    Focus problems

    have a new GX3, 532nm, 200mw laser that I purchased from Big Lasers in July. It was advertised as focusable, but I can not get the beam to do anything but diverge as I rotate the head outward. I have been work at this for 3 months, but no focal point/waist. I also bought the 2X beam expander...