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  1. jArdi

    Lazerer Screweing me over - Really pissing me off

    Alright. Now, I'm getting angry. February 14, Ordered 2 lasers from lazerer. The 100mw 532nm keychain laser (click) and the 500mw 405nm Devil cyber (click) the 532nm worked great, until it recently dropped and broke. the 405 on the other hand, died with just seconds of use. Seconds. I shined it...
  2. jArdi

    Crystal alignment on 532 DPSS

    been some time since i've posted. No money for more lasers atm :( anyway, recently (few months or so) i bought a 100mw green keychain laser from lazerer (which i must say was a horrible experience. The only reason i would ever buy from them again is because i like the SMALL lasers) The whole...
  3. jArdi

    Lyrid Meteor shower!

    Peek of Lyrid meteor shower is happening tonight guys! Time to tell everybody you know to shut there lights off and look up! ^_^
  4. jArdi

    FORUM GAME: The Neverending story of LPF

    So lets make a story! Each Person gets to post up to 4 words that that will continue the previous persons post. You will be creating a story consisting of fragments from everybodys post about - well - whatever. Example: Poster # 1: Once upon a time...... Poster # 2: [Once upon a time......]...
  5. jArdi

    Homemade Laser Microscope

    Sure many of you have thought of this before.....curious as to if anybody has ever done it and caught anything? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUB3uZwZydU after all, its the same principal when you've you something on your lens and want it off....
  6. jArdi

    What happened to my laser/lens? :'(

    Alright so this is something thats really got me panicked/worried. Recently, I bought an A140 1w laser from DTR. When i first got it, it was amazing. like holy crap. I was able to see a perfect beam in a well lit room, and when focused it will light a match the second the beam hits it. So just...
  7. jArdi

    2 Lazerers get past customs?

    Quick question guys, I'm about to order 2 lasers from lazerer - a 532nm 100mw keychain lazer, and a 405nm 500mw. Both with power certificate 2 more safety goggles, and a universal charger. I wont be ordering the batteries or anything, so should i be worried about it getting past customs? I'll...
  8. jArdi

    Good power supply + lens for 660nm 200mw

    So recently i just bought this laser: 660nm 200mW Red Laser Diode Module DIY Lab Astronomy | eBay I dont have any "real" lithium batteries to power it, so at the moment im using a set of D batteries(brand new AA and AAA batteries didnt do it). it can pop a balloon in about 10-20 seconds at...
  9. jArdi

    In from Long Island, New York

    Hey guys, I've already put a few posts on here, not many though. I've come here to basically explore the world of lasers, hopefully it can help influence my career path (I'm 18 years old.) I've been programming since I was 12 years old, and building circuits for probably around 2 years now. I've...
  10. jArdi

    Obstacle Course - Which laser to get?

    So I'm sure everybody here has at some point been linked this scene from big bang theory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFol-Aiz8MQ Well, you guessed it. I'm planning on replicating it for some of my friends [and I] who would absolutely want to play. The setup and how I will be recognizing...