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    `jetlasers gb #4 is now CLOSED our $$ is in China

    Re: `jetlasers gb #4 is now on!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, the issue I have with this is that all that sort of thing SHOULD have been done before the item was offered for sale. I bought the device based on it's SPECS, and turns out the specs were not accurate. The device could not focus...
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    `jetlasers gb #4 is now CLOSED our $$ is in China

    Re: `jetlasers gb #4 is now on!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, does that mean that the power and focusing problems with the 405 PL-Cs were resolved? I returned mine for a refund because the "focus" was completely unacceptable. Although it would focus nicely directly in front of the unit for a burner, the...
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    Got $150 for a laser - Anyone in the FL panhandle?

    Are you planning on providing safety goggles for the entire class?
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    Weidmark - Fantastic Seller. Great Guy!

    Man, this guy bent over backwards to help me out. I asked him to send me a custom unit in kit form, and he was perfectly willing to comply with this request. He even made up a video to show me the steps necessary to complete it so there wouldn't be an missteps on my part. Went together fine...
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    WTB: ~2W 445nm Custom Build

    It won't matter one whit what they want to do if the FDA demands that they make modifications to prevent the extraction of the diodes in order to sell the units within the USA. Of course this might not have any effect outside of the USA, but honestly, do you think they would make two separate...
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    WTB: ~2W 445nm Custom Build

    From what I have heard, this site suffered some legal expenses from a "certain company" for this exact reason. I don't think it takes much imagination to come up with the thought that now that they are aware of this unauthorized use of their product, that they will take steps to make certain it...
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    If Someone Broke into your House???

    Shotguns and rifles are defined differently under federal law. Shotguns must have a barrel length of at least 18 inches. Rifles must have a barrel length of at least 16 inches. Of course, there is the issue of putting a rifled slug barrel on a shotgun, and I honestly don't know the answer to...
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    If Someone Broke into your House???

    I'm not sure what the laws are in Canada concerning short barrelled shotguns, but having one in the USA can land you in federal prison. A short barrelled shotgun cannot be legally manufactured without the requisite permit(s). A factory made short barrelled shotgun cannot be sold to private...
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    Arctic burn skin pic ? gone ?

    I sure would like to know what THAT was supposed to prove. If you can put burn marks on wood with a laser, do ya THINK you are superman or something?
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    WTB: ~2W 445nm Custom Build

    I wouldn't bet real heavily on that being a fact. Actually I would encourage people to get what they want while they STILL can. "Always" may be over with sooner than you think. I'm seeing articles in the local papers about lasers dazzling airline pilots, which invariably leads to comments...
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    Arctic burn skin pic ? gone ?

    Not sure if this is an Arctic, but maybe it will help... gGb1yiOzYlg
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    If Someone Broke into your House???

    Uh, in the USA it is illegal to have a shotgun with a barrel less than 18 inches long unless you have a federal permit for it. As for this idea of using a laser for self defense, bear in mind that in a dark house, your shining a suitably high powered laser will probably temporarily blind YOU as...
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    NewEgg A140.. for $764.99

    Yep, that is correct. And if you had actually read this thread, you would likely understand why I posted that price info here. The new price is much better than that $849 that used to be NewEgg's price on this item. I thought some might be interested in that information.....
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    NewEgg A140.. for $764.99

    I'm seeing a price of $789.99...... So maybe they just lowered the price recently?
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    FS: 2W+ 445nm

    That's actually pretty tacky to make a comment like that on a "FOR SALE" thread of this nature. The buyer seems happy at the price, and the seller does as well. Why try to rain on their parade here?
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    Jetlasers GB #3 is CLOSED -

    So what exactly does this mean? Are we going to be getting 800mw units or not? I don't mind waiting, if need be, but I'm a little confused about what he is saying here. That "sadly" statement is ringing an alarm for me.
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    New Wicked Laser Product

    Heck I dunno. If it's built solid enough, it looks like it would make an excellent club to smack someone in the forehead with..... Sometimes lo-tech is really all you need for a situation.
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    D.T.R= the F'ing M.A.N

    I agree 110 percent! I had a question about changing out the lens and he actually went out of his way to create a VIDEO just to show me how it is done. Awsome customer service, in my book....
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    Unacceptable Language

    If you don't mind a suggestion, I would strongly suggest that you not edit any posts made within your Trades Feedback & Dispute Resolution forum. Once you do, you become legally a co-author of the entire thread, and if litigation were to result from what is said in a thread of that nature, YOU...
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    Quality shipping?

    Well, the unit is doing just dandy, so I was just worried about nothing, it seems. Now I need to get DTR to make a 2w unit for me....... :eg: Now I know why some of the guys here have a LONG list of units in their signature. I didn't realize this would be habit forming!