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    firm definition of dead thread

    Trying to be respectful. But didn't find an answer in any faq's. Is there a firm line for when a thread is dead? I've been browsing for a little while and haven't seen any closed threads. Other forums I've seen sometimes close threads to prevent dead thread resurrection. Thanks for the help!
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    RIP wicked laser core

    My much loved 5mw green Wicked Lasers Core has croaked. Is there any to resurrect a dead dpss laser? It only runs on greenpower batteries and only for a few seconds. No replacement batteries work. These things are probably polarity sensitive and I should've paid more attention. Probably paid...
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    Hello from Central Coast of California

    Greetings! I'm interested in astronomy and laser burning. An uncle bought me a coin cell 99 cent laser pointer for Christmas 15 years ago and I was hooked.