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    High Voltage device Questions With Pictures

    Hey Guys, hopefully someone here can help me. I am inching towards getting one of my xenon short arc lamps running and I got my hands on one of the HV exciters. I opened it up and got some pictures for you guys as well I drew up a schematic to the best of my knowledge. Hopefully someone here...
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    Anyone looking to try an interesting project?

    Hi, so I have been wanting to take on this project for some time, and while I could figure it out I know there are more experienced people here and though I would ask. I have an 1800w xenon short arc that I would like to make into a "flashlight", more like a spotlight and I was wondering if...
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    Calling the electrical experts

    Hey guys, I have this decent sized 3 phase rectifier and want to strip some parts out of it (4 transformers, 4 decent sized caps and 4 smaller caps along with some other bits) My question is what are the odds that the caps are discharged and what would a good idea to discharge them be? I want...
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    question about 445 and looking at beam (distance)

    Hi guys first off I want to say a have a pair of OD7+ glasses and always always wear them when using my laser except for looking at the beam outdoors. Now my question. there is a mountain 10 kilometers away and I was wondering if it would be safe to essentially look straight at it from that...
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    445 test load question

    Sorry guys I'm sure the answer is here but i cant find it. What do i need fora test load for a 445nm diode on a flexdrive. Thanks a bunch.
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    Help winning a contest PLEASE! (possible trip to oktoberfest)

    Hey Guys, I entered a contest at a new local German beer house and the top ten win a free stein and an personal stein locker to keep it in and from there one is chosen fr a free trip to Oktoberfest in Munich. All I need is your help to vote for my stein. Voting is from today July 16th to July...
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    red off SF-AW210

    Hey guys I tried searching but it kept taking me to the 405nm section. I was wondering if anyone has the specs on the red diode from a SF-AW210 sled (votage, max current, and power) if possible. Thanks a bunch guys.
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    WL arctic for those who have not yet recieved.

    I know this will most likely get closed which I still don't understand, it seems logical to have a common place to let out their anger but regardless here is the last hysterical email I received. so I am still struggling to communicate with them (I want the G1) and told them to send/refund or...