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  1. BrightSpark

    Wicked lasers Safety Video

    HERE Needs to be shown to all 1 watt newbies. :beer: DAMN wrong topic Duh Mods can you move this please. thanks :)
  2. BrightSpark

    Stupid Teenagers with lasers

    ---Link--- Sigh.. Irresponsible teenagers with lasers. Extract "The case of a 15-year-old boy who wanted to have a little fun. So he purchased a laser, thinking he would burn a hole in his sister’s sneakers and pop balloons. Later, this teenager became more adventuresome. He decided to...
  3. BrightSpark

    Possible Pen Host?

    I have been looking at this for ages now. and wanted to share this potentially awesome host with you guys. Led Lenser P4 --------------------------------------- Features Twist Focus System - Spot to flood Moon Lens Rear tail cap switch Pen Clip Batteries included Durable nylon pouch and...
  4. BrightSpark

    Oh no Kipkay and lasers again

    YouTube - $500 Laser Lighter Giveaway! WOW! he makes lasers seem like toys :tsk:
  5. BrightSpark

    stupidly expensive 1mW Green laser on ebay

    :eek::eek: Description: Best offer on ebay!!!:undecided::huh: Heavy duty 1mW Green Laser Pointer, Super Bright With Visible Laser Beam Link ahh some peoples clames on lasers :D
  6. BrightSpark

    Rubber Buttons?

    I know that everyone looses those little silicone rubber buttons on pointers and i just stumbled across this: Rubber buttons its cheap :) Good ,bad ,whats your opinion???
  7. BrightSpark

    350mW Green in a pen?

    Stated 350mW Green in a pen? some how i dont think that this is right :) :crackup: correct me if im wrong but isnt the most powerfull laser in a pen 200mW?? LINK
  8. BrightSpark


    Hi I have finnaly made an lpf account. anways hello :bowdown: im sort of a noob, all of what i know has come from lpf. :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: