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  1. Albert1007xd

    New "505"nm diodes

    Hi everyone Yesterday I noticed on ebay that existotem and newgazer had a new sale of the 505nm diodes. The sale is located here: https://m.ebay.es/itm/232493655764 I asked them if it was a SB147EC91, SB1473N91 or SB1573N91, but they told me that instead it's a SB217HL91 diode, which hasn't...
  2. Albert1007xd

    505nm diodes availability

    Hi everyone, Does anybody know a source of the SB1473N91 or the SB1573N91? Yesterday I got in contact with all the suppliers that I know: Newgazer, Existotem and Techhood were all out of stock. Lasertack had only 3 C91's left, measured 506.7nm, 507nm and 508nm DTR has the C91 batch BeamQ...
  3. Albert1007xd

    <505nm Laser driver

    Hi everyone, Currently Electric Plasma and I are planning a build with a SB1573N91 diode that I bought from Dr. Laser, it's case positive. We're having problems finding a driver that can be (he said it literally) "Wire driver input to be case negative or case positive" Any suggestions...
  4. Albert1007xd

    Lowest divergence 445-480nm diode

    Hey everyone, As the title says, I'm looking for the blue diode (doesn't matter if violet blue, pure blue or green-ish blue) that has the lowest divergence out there. Lower than 1mrad if possible (I'm planning to build a pen-style one for pointing, and as some of you know, blue is my favourite...
  5. Albert1007xd

    Custom build Pocket laser (SANWU)

    Hey there! First of all, I would like to thank Podo for making this real. Other seller might have said NO, and he said "We'll try, it might work :)" A month or so ago, I had the idea to ask if it would be possible to make a 460ish nm pocket laser. And it works. Thanks to him. The process was...
  6. Albert1007xd

    Looking for someone to make a custom build for me

    Hi everyone. I'm just looking for someone that can make a custom build for me, I have an idea about the host in mind (not quite difficult but maybe the first time that you see something like that). The diode I've thought about an M462 or NUBM07E, underdriven if necessary, or overdriven too...
  7. Albert1007xd

    Post a pic of your PC Build!

    Hi guys Lately I've been looking all around this great forum, and in the geek's section I've found some people showing up their build or asking for advice about computers, so I thought... why don't I make the "Post a pic of your PC Build thread"? I'm a complete computer maniac, and I can spend...
  8. Albert1007xd

    Hi everyone!

    Hi guys. First of all, I'm from Spain, so my english it's not top notch. I created my account here a week ago, to some urgent themes, and I didn't saw the Welcome page. I'm sure that I'm on the young group of this forum, I've just had my 19th birthday. I've been fascinated by lasers since...
  9. Albert1007xd

    What's wrong with Sanwu?

    Hi all. I had already done one purchase from Sanwu in the past, and I had them in my "Good companies" list. Last 19th of October I did another purchase with them, via PayPal, and I instantly received a confirmation via mail. I payed expedited shipping (need to have it soon, a friend's...