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  1. J

    CR123 batteries

    Is it possible to make a CR123 powered 500-600nm laser? I need the CR123 for its shelf life over rechargeables.
  2. J

    Self defense

    Has anyone ever considered a laser for last ditch self defense against a bear? I cant fly on an airplane with bear spray, nor a pistol. I do alot of back woods overnight hiking. im thinking a laser could dazzle a bear giving me time to run away, especially if I drop a bag of tuna. Can anyone...
  3. J

    Is it safe to photograph with iPhone camera?

    Just got my new Survival Laser II, SE, 2200 mW of 445nm! I assume that's really bright. (have to assume since I never even put the batteries in until everyones got on their OD4 Eagle Pairs). Question is, is it safe for my iPhone to photograph the beam? I've read how the laser light is...
  4. J

    Orange reflection from a Green laser?

    Here's my 5mw Greenie reflection off a white wall, plainly green dot.... http://i156.photobucket.com/albums/t22/horderules/photo-1.jpg But here is same laser reflecting off my red wool Christmas stocking, Orange dot... http://i156.photobucket.com/albums/t22/horderules/photo-2.jpg Can anyone...