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    Brass Raygun! Mrcrouse last build

    Hello everyone:) recently i recieved my newest and most favorite build which is a raygun i designed and had built by Ed from Mrcrouse machining solutions:) This is the host! Ed really outdid himself here. This hosts beauty is unparalleled. It truly is my favorite host ive ever seen. Now this...
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    Mrcrouse Host Review

    Hello all today id like to do a review for an awesome laser host that ive received from Mrcrouse. This host uses copper and aluminum, and its design is based of the sirius but has a more squared off smoother shape to it. Overall Mrcrouse machinist did an excellent job on this one. They are great...
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    Overdue introduction:) greetings from NY

    Hello everyone:) Long time forum member/reader on here. Not so good at intros.. I've been building lasers for a while now, so I just thought I'd make myself an intro since i would like to soon do a review of some nice custom hosts i had built from Mrcrouse. :)