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    WTB: Green 10-20mw and 100+

    Hi everyone! So, I've been looking around for a while now for a 5-20mw green laser for presentations at work. I work at an electronics company and know the wow factor of anything better than a dollar store red laser would be amazing, but not too high of power. I don't want to blind anyone 😳 Then...
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    Selling 2 50mw 405nm Violet lasers!!

    Up for sale are two 50mw 405nm Violet lasers, both are in excellent condition and I would prefer to keep them, but am heading back to school soon and need the money. I will sell each for $25 shipped or if someone would like them both, $40 shipped. If you have any questions, or want more...
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    Konica Minolta Stsi 35mm film Camera and Case

    Here's some basic info I found on the web about my Camera. Other info that's relevant, I bought the camera to use for photography at my high school. I paid around $150 for the camera and case, I know the value has decreased. I took great care of the camera and it always took amazing pictures. If...
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    WTB: Greenie Burner approx. 100mw

    I'm looking to buy a green, blue, violet, red, whatever color laser around 100mw. Focusable or non, must be able to burn and do the standard tricks. I'm looking to get a jump start back into the hobby so if you have 2 and wanna cut a deal, that'd be great, more for the money! I'm really not...
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    FS: 260mw red laser, Kenom Barrel

    I had the itch to get another laser and now it's just a shame that i never seem to use it anymore so i figure i'll pass it onto someone who will. The total run time is way under an hour and a few specs on it, i popped a balloon nearly instantly at over 35ft and lit a match at over 14ft and it...
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    Katana Dark Warrior Sword Set for trade/sale

    Here's one pic, if anyone is interested i'll get more actual pics this is just a stock website picture. These are worth around 100, i don't expect near that much, comes with a special sword polisher/cleaner. am looking to trade for a preferably green laser, but I will accpet red......let me know...
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    WTB: One 125-200mw Red focusable laser

    Hi guys, long time no see. I haven't been on here for a while because school had gotten crazy and I got a little disgusted with lasers after getting 3 defective ones from Nova ( don't get me wrong their customer service was great and I would definetly try to buy from them again I think it was...
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    WTS John Hardy sterling silver bracelet

    It's already on ebay so I thought I'd show it to all you guys.  It's a great piece I took good care of it.  Would be a great gift. http://cgi.ebay.com/John-Hardy-sterling-silver-bracelet-6x8mm-7-3-4_W0QQitemZ150153764301QQihZ005QQcategoryZ110456QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
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    WTS: Fred Bear Super 45 LH compound bow

    This bow is brand new at 450-500 dollars, I don't expect near the much, but please only respectable offers only.  The bow is in fairly good shape with few signs of use.  The bow has a brand new string on it, comes with 5 new Easton St excel 400 Carbon arrows 8.6gpi.  It also has a brand new...
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    WTS: Mega Matrix Nova diffraction grating

    Up for sale is a Mega Matrix beam diffraction grating from Nova lasers. I'm asking 15 shipped anywhere in the U.S. At nova it's like 20 or 22 plus shipping so you're saving around 10 dollars.
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    WTS combo deal green sport elites and dragon case

    This is for anyone thinking about buying a new green laser or that already has one and is looking for goggles. I'll take $50 shipped anywhere in the U.S. if you're out of the U.S. pm or email me and i'm sure we can work something out. The goggles are basically brand new and are the OD +6 sport...
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    green laser sport elite goggles

    Basically brand new, I wore them once or twice i'll take 45 shipped anywhere in the U.S. just email or pm me and then send the cash through paypal to sprtdude91@ameritech.net i'll ship same day or next day at the latest.
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    x105 for sale!!!

    For sale here is my x105 peak 119.1mw and avg. 114.5mw.  This is a great little laser I've only had it for like a week, but realized it's a little overkill price wise and powerwise for my needs.  At first I thought it laser was malfunctioning but after a nice little talk with pseudo I realized...
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    Re: 1st time in Forum :)

    Re: 1st time in Forum :) Welcome to the forum!! I'm sure you'll love your DL 95!
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    Can your laser do this???????????

    Hey everyone, I saw this on LC and thought i'd share it over here. Can anyone figure out how he doesn it??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-XoN1Ts6Wg
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    blueeeeeee lazzzzzeeeerrr

    Wouldn't work for security, but it's still a cool little clip from Oceans 12 and the music is sweet! http://youtube.com/watch?v=tyzLHFkdv6E&mode=related&search=
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    Lots of stuff for sale!!!!

    Ok so here's all the item in my "ebay box" so before I list them over there i'd figure i'd see if anyone here wanted them.  I'm not looking to make loads of money off these items so please PM me or email me with any reasonable offer and odds are i'll take you up on it.  I'm not going to list...
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    x-series 125mw ordered!!!!!!

    I just ordered a x-series 125mw laser with the case and reward points from nova!  I just the 5% discount code and used some light years and got the order down to exactly $300 dollars.  You can all be expecting a full review and lots of pics and vids once it gets here.  Don't know if I should be...
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    lighting a cig with a laser

    dunno if anyone has seen this one, it just amazed me at how fast it lit!! also this could be under safety but whatever here's the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drZxFEfNayE&mode=related&search= p.s. can anyone tell what kind of laser that is?? looks like a sypder??
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    when people ask about your laser???

    What do you usual tell them/show them??? I usually explain how powerful it is by explaining a mw, then shine on something very far away and then burn something. that's just a very brief explanation of what I do, I saw this over at LC and wanted to hear what you guys say when people ask you about...