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    Some buyer's reviews/comments

    Hi laserists! I recently bought stuff from a few sellers to make my own laser. I would like to praise them for their great service. DTR: Bought M-140 445nm 2W diodes, 5.6mm AiXiZ diode modules. G-2 lens. Fast dispatch. Good Packing. Nice guy to communicate with. Made a mistake and bought from...
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    Multi Mode lasers

    Hey guys, I want to ask a very noob question. "How does multi-mode lasers pointers work?" By multi-mode I mean, High power, Low power, Strobe, SOS, etc.. Also, I want to ask that: How is the modes controlled? Through the driver or through the switch circuit? Is all drivers and diodes...
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    Hello everyone!

    Good morning/ afternoon/ night! I am new here, and want to say hi!
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    Can someone recommend me a driver?

    I am trying to build a laser pointer. Can someone recommend me a driver? (I read through the forums and saw a few drivers, like x-drive, e-drive and ghost drive, but don't know which one to get, also, can you include where to get them from?) Here's what I am planning to use: M140 445nm 2W...