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  1. ManoleStefan

    Driver laser diode

    Hello everybody, I would like to know if it is good to use some of the images to drive a laser diode (nubm44, nubm0x) I know dc to DC converter are spikes turn on / off, how can I avoid this spikes? The laser to be used for cnc Can help me with another driver schematics? Sorry for my bad english.
  2. ManoleStefan

    About me

    Hello, my name is Manole Ștefan, from România, I have 21 years, I like lasers for a long time, I'm not doing very well în english but I can have a dialogue.
  3. ManoleStefan

    Nubm44 Massive Heatsink

    Hello, it's first time when I post în this forum, I want to build a laser for cnc or laser show ( xy ilda), I want to run nubm44 diode at 4A, to have a long life, also I built a Massive Heatsink 40.5x66x77mm, în thickness (40.5mm), I'll give a 25mm hole to put in a copper module from dtr lasers...